Brussel sprouts are the vegetable that has really transformed. Check out these tasty Brussel Sprouts recipes for your next dinner or party.

Brussel Sprouts Recipes Easy

Brussel Sprouts are one of my favorite vegetables. But it was not always this way. The funny thing is, that when I was growing up, I think I only had them once or twice. They were boiled and as I remember, kind of bland and not very tasty. … [Read More...]

Looking for a pumpkin ice cream recipe? This one is creamy and nicely spiced. So easy to make without an ice cream maker.

No Churn Pumpkin Ice Cream Recipe

Have you ever made Pumpkin Ice Cream? If not, and you love pumpkin, I highly encourage you to try it! This Pumpkin Ice Cream Recipe came about the other day when I wanted the flavor of pumpkin, but it was 80 degrees outside. I am not kidding! I … [Read More...]

Looking for some tasty apple recipes? Here are 31 Wonderful recipes!

Tasty Apple Recipes

Not only is it the season for Pumpkins, but it is also apple season! It is funny that now when I hear the word Apple, I tend to think of the company first, but the today I am talking about the fruit. While I do not enjoy apples by themselves, I … [Read More...]

DIY & Crafts

How to decorate a bulletin board in just a few minutes.

Decorating A Bulletin Board in 15 Minutes

This week I had fun decorating a bulletin board, but I need to give you the story on it. Last month, I went to a Blog Conference and had a chance to attend a fun and informative session with Sabrina Soto. You know her from TLC, MTV and one of my … [Read More...]

The DIY Crafts are great in these books!

DIY Home Decor Craft Idea Books

This summer I have been enjoying scouting around for  DIY Home Decor Ideas. If you have been here a while, you know I love my crafting sessions with my mother and daughter each month. There is just something about creating something that comes from … [Read More...]

These painted mason jars made for pretty centerpieces for the shower and wedding!

Bridal Shower Mason Jars

We held the wedding shower over a year ago, but with all of the weddings and bridal showers coming up, I wanted to share with you the cute mason jar craft idea that we made. Planning a wedding shower is so much fun, and it is one of those days … [Read More...]

Home Organization

Here are several ideas to make the most of small spaces for storage.

Organizing Holiday Craft Supplies with Hefty®

Decluttering and organizing is something I have been doing a lot of lately. With the holidays on their way, I know that I feel better when I have planned and prepared for the season. While not everything can be planned ahead of time, it really helps … [Read More...]


Five Minute Fall Organization Tips

I originally wrote this post on five minute fall organization tips a couple of years ago, but have updated it with some information that I hope will be helpful for you. It is the beginning of a busy season for most of us and by taking a few minutes … [Read More...]

Tips to remember where you put things. I so need this!

How Do I Find My Keys?

Have you ever asked yourself, where did I put my keys? You are ready to go out the door and you cannot locate them. Has this ever happened to you? Of course it has, it happens to all of us.  But yet we all know the answer to avoiding this.  … [Read More...]

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