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Organizing Rubber Stamps

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Organizing Craft supplies can be overwhelming, but it is important to know what you have. Today I am sharing my tips on organizing rubber stamps. Craft supplies can be difficult to stay organized, so I am sharing my method that works well for me. 

As I searched for holiday decorations in my garage the other day, I pulled out a box with some all but forgotten craft supplies, my precious rubber stamps. I have a rubber stamp collection that grew over the years. 

When the kids were younger, I used to craft with them often. At some point over the years, these little blocks of wood were sent to the abyss that is our garage.

Once I opened the box, while I was immediately happy to see these again! Although I had not used them in a while, I knew I wanted to make organizing my rubber stamps collection a priority.


Don't let your craft supplies get out of hand. See what I repurposed to organize mine.

There they were, all piled on top of each other, different sizes, types and themes just mingled together. Not a very efficient way to find them for use.

I was a big collector of rubber stamps and scrapbooking supplies back when the kids were young. I loved getting together with friends and family to create cards, stationery, scrapbook pages and gift wrap. I also became a rubber stamp distributer and instructor back when we lived in Arizona. I loved showing people how to make cards and gifts using the stamps and their creativity.

Now I use them for cards and bullet journaling. it was time to bring these back to life. These stamps brought me so much joy, and I want to start using them again. But I needed some help.

But before I do that, I want to organize my rubber stamps in a way that keeps them stored by stamp type. Then I remembered I had one of those plastic photo storage boxes that I never used. Who else remembers these?

See how to use a photo box for craft organization. - Organizing rubber stamps


This was going to be perfect and best of all, save me the time that was spent searching for items.

Organizing  Rubber Stamps

With any organizing project, the first thing I did was check each stamp to see if it was in good condition. Then, I began by sorting my stamps by category: outdoors, candy, Halloween, etc. and putting them in each box.


See how I organized my rubber stamps by repurposing a photo box!

Then with the help of this guy, I got busy bringing some order to this mess.

See how I organized my rubber stamps by repurposing a photo box!


Once each category was accounted for in one of the boxes, I used my hand-held DYMO LabelManager 160, to label them for future use and accessibility. You may remember that I recently received this helpful label maker from DYMO .


See how I organized my rubber stamps by repurposing a photo box!


This was actually a fun process. When I was done, this is how my stamps were stored.


See how I organized my rubber stamps by repurposing a photo box!


Now I can just pull a set or two or more for my crafting sessions. All very easily accessed and labeled. I can just pull out the set that I need.

Keep rubber stamps in photo boxes, organized by type. Lots of compact storage for small spaces.

The box fits nicely in a hall closet taking up very little room. Since I do not have the luxury of a craft room, this is perfect! I will keep hoping for a craft room someday.


I have a lot of rubber stamps, but not a lot of room. See how I organized these in a small space!

With the stamps nicely organized, crafting will be a breeze! Do you have any rubber stamps?

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