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Paper Organization

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We are talking about Paper Organization tips today! 

Each day, papers and emails come into my life from various sources.  It is a never-ending cycle.  It is difficult for me to be productive if I see papers all over the place, so I have established a paper organization system with a spot for all incoming items.  

It took a while to become a habit, but this paper organization system really works for me.

Stack of Mail


Establishing a Command Station

When I am at home, I spend a lot of my time in the kitchen so this is where the paper organization center starts.  It is really important to determine a place in your home for a command center.

Establish the center in a place where you open mail, review the correspondence and that is an area you can access often. I have a small command center on a counter. My goal is to keep all of the information that comes in organized and accessible for future action while keeping a little paper as necessary.

Eliminate paper clutter, and use a box for paper organization


Paper Organization

When I open the mail, items are either filed immediately or read and thrown away.  If I need to keep the paper for future action, I file it in a folder.  My folders include the following: Food Ads, Coupons, Unpaid Bills, Events/Entertainment, and Receipts, to name a few.

organizing papers, filing

If I only need to glean bits of information from the incoming paper, I will take a photo with my phone and toss out the paper version.  If the item is a document I will need for taxes or future use, it is filed in a filing cabinet in another room.  If the item requires a response or payment, it is filed under unpaid bills so that I can respond later.

To the left of this file box are binders for the major projects in my life.  The binders are great because these projects require more storage space than a file folder offers.

Paper organization comes easy with binders!

These binders include Household Information, Organized Island and My Parents.  My parents are on in years and I keep medical and treatment records to help manage their health. I use other binders as well, but not as often, so I do not need to keep them in the kitchen.  This is valuable kitchen property, so I try not to waste it.

Easy Paper Organization

Binder Organization

Binders can be changed up to match decor and can be organized any way you like.  I appreciate this flexibility because the user can determine how they categorize the information.

This system allows me to:

  • Keep information organized and accessible
  • Keep as little paper as possible
  • Keep my kitchen counters clear of clutter
  • Purge papers on a regular basis

Some of the binders I maintain are for:

  • School Work
  • Activities/Sports
  • Blog Management
  • Recipes
  • Travel Planning

I like to buy the white binders and insert scrapbook paper on the front and sides to personalize. You can even change up the decorative paper once in a while!

I also recommend a desk caddy like this one. I got mine at TJ Maxx, but you can find similar ones here and here.

See how I manage bill paying and tax information below:

What system do you use to organize your incoming papers? If you liked this post, please share it.

Simple tips to get that incoming paperwork under control and organized. These household organizing tips are great for several aspects of your life!

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