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I am so happy you are hear! If you have come to this page to find out a little more about me, let me tell you that I am a mom of two from sunny Southern California that loves to blog about by passions.

I have a degree in Finance and me my husband when we were in college. After college, I worked in business consulting and operations management as a productivity manager. It was a wonderful time in my life and I learned a lot about streamlining and process management. I participated in analyzing and evaluating systems using data collection, observation studies and industrial engineering programs.

Then I had children and luckily, I was able to leave the full time corporate world to raise them. When my kids got older, I started this blog as a way to share organizing, planning and productivity tips for busy people. I think it is important to remember that life is not just about rushing through tasks, it’s about making the most of your time and striving to live a balanced and meaningful life

Over time, Organized Island since has evolved to include my other passions. I am a self-proclaimed foodie and have loved cooking and baking since I was in middle school. I took my first European trip in high school with a choir group and was bitten by the travel bug. I have traveled to dozens of countries and met wonderful people while creating lasting memories.

Currently on this blog, I share simple and quick recipes, (some that I have been making since I was in high school), travel planning tips, entertaining ideas and of course, organizing tips. My hope is that these recipes and tips are a resource to help others make the most of their time.

I also share some Southern California events and dining venues that I feel are worth your time. I cannot tell you how many people ask me for suggestions on where to dine, because I do enjoy spending time with friends and family at dining venues and festivals in my leisure time.

I believe that we are happier and lead less stressful lives when we are organized and productive. So in my perfect world, I live on an “organized island”. That’s also where my tagline “Staying organized on my island of life” comes from. I am so happy you stopped by today and hope you visit often. Some of my readers favorite posts on the Island are these (click on the photo to go to the post).








Preparing for the Grand Prix in Monaco


You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest! Send me a shout out if you come by so that I can meet you. Welcome to my island of life!





My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.

Steve Jobs





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