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I have had many jobs in my life including  an auditor, a productivity manager, and an office manager (which I am currently). I was also a SAHM when my kids were younger. Through my experiences as a productivity manager, I have learned how to streamline activities and become more productive. But life is not about rushing through tasks, it’s about making the most of your time.

I believe that time is precious and how we spend it is important. It is important to make even small moments count and I am grateful for the wonderful moments that make up my life. My family are blessings I count every day. My kids are now adults and I want to help others make the most of their time.

I have a love of the beach, shopping, dining, cooking, crafting, and beer and wine tasting. Organized Island is a lifestyle blog (my “island of life” ) with regular posts on organizing, streamlined recipes, simple crafts, entertaining, travel ideas and leisure activities.  If I can share one idea, recipe or provide inspiration to someone, it gives me great happiness. Welcome to my “organized” island of life.

Some of my readers favorite posts on DIY and organization are:

Repurposed Coffee Can

Simple storage idea using repurposed coffee cans

Pantry Organization Tips.jpgPantry Organization Tips


These recipe posts are also favorites of Organized Island readers:


Simple Mushroom Recipe

Sauteed Mushrooms with Basil


Cupcakes, St. Patrick Cupcakes #cupcakes

Some of the favorite posts on my life in Southern California are:



A fun Saturday in Los Angeles (Sponsored)

Fair Game

Tips to plan a visit to the county fair


HoagSummer Movie

Great fun at the Annual Hoag Summer Movie Event



Check out the rest of the island while you are here. I love comments and read each and every one!  Thank you for stopping by and be sure to sign up for Organized Island posts to be delivered to your email. Welcome to the island!



Southern California office manager who loves to blog about time-saving recipes, entertaining, craft, party ideas and local events. Life is about making the most of your time.

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