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A little about me:

I am a self-proclaimed foodie and have loved cooking and baking since I was in middle school. I took my first European trip in high school with a choir group, was bitten by the travel bug and have traveled to dozens of countries ever since. I married my college sweetheart and we now live in Orange County, California. We have two grown kids and a sweet little dog. I started this site as a place to share recipes and organizing tips in 2012, and it has evolved into a place to share all of my passions with you.

About Organized Island:

Now more than ever, we all are looking to be efficient in the use of our time. Organized Island strives to provide inspiration, resources and recipe ideas to help others make the most of their time. Islanders know they can come to our site for:

Quick recipe ideas

Planning tips

Easy Entertaining Ideas

Travel Planning Tips

Organizing tips


My years as a productivity manager have helped me streamline tasks and live an intentional life. My mantra is life is not just about rushing through tasks, it’s about making the most of your time and striving to live a balanced and meaningful life. 

Look for time-saving tips on recipes with the image below for ways to save even more time in the kitchen.

tips to streamline recipes

I believe that we are happier and lead less stressful lives when we are organized, effective and intentional. In my dream world, I live on an “organized island”. That’s where my tagline “Staying organized on my island of life” comes from. I am so happy you stopped by today would love to connect with you. I enjoy all of your comments and shout outs, and appreciate you being here.

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If you are in Southern California or visiting soon, you can also find me at Taste, Travel Explore and on Facebook at @Tastytraveltips, where I share local events, festivals and travel.

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My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.

Steve Jobs



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