Summer Produce Guide

This helpful printable Summer Produce Guide features some best produce to buy at their peak!

Printable summer produce guide


Summer is my favorite season ever, not just because of the weather and relaxed schedule, but also because of the fantastic summer produce that is available. Some of my favorite fruits are only available this time of year. To help you take advantage of the great summer produce, we have a printable guide for you. Buying produce is often cheaper when buying in their peak season and it is also a great time to change-up your recipes to include your favorite fruit!

Grocery stores and farmers markets are bursting with gorgeous fruits and vegetables in their prime. Now is the time to take advantage of the beautiful produce that nature brings! You can also find some great inexpensive produce at your local farmer’s market. This photo is from a farmer’s market in France. I love checking out the farmer’s markets when travelling. It is a great way to experience local tastes and pick up some fun spices and condiments to take home.

French farmers market


Some of my favorite summer fruits are peaches, plums and nectarines. These summer fruits not only taste great but area a good source of vitamins too! I just wish they were in season more often. If biting into a juicy piece of fruit is not summer, I don’t seriously don’t know what is.

When shopping at the grocery store, look for peaches and plums that yield to gentle pressure and are not mushy. Print out this free Summer Produce Guide for use when planning your menu.

Printable summer produce guide

Summer produce is great in salads and drink recipes too, like these refreshing fruity cocktails!


Refreshing summer cocktail recipes for summer!

What is your favorite summer fruit?



We strive to be one of your best planning resources for making the most of your time. Don’t forget to check out these other easy ways to save money this summer!





  1. I love this! Scarlet loves summer cherries and Cassidy is all about arugula. Sign me up for one of everything! We have two regular farmers markets, as well as a new farm store that opened from a farm/CSA down the street. LOVE.


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