Kitchen Pantry Organization

The other day, I was pulling something from my pantry and noticed a container of lemonade mix that had expired.  Not a big deal right? So it is a couple months old…..wrong! It expired in 2011! So that prompted me to go through our pantry and reorganize it. I am sharing my Kitchen Pantry organization steps with you.

Tips to #organize your #kitchen pantry

While I would love to have a sparkling pantry like the ones you see on Pinterest, the fact is that mine just needs some TLC and organizing love.  So here are my before photos of my pantry. As you can see, the items are getting a bit messy and I believe it is time to replace that shelf paper!

Pantry unorganized


I took everything out of the pantry and replaced the shelf paper.  I picked just plain white for a nice clean look.

Next, I went through and tossed out the expired items.  Here is my lemonade mix.

Expired Food

I ended up tossing some cereal as well.  I don’t mind if something is a little beyond it’s suggested expiration date, but if has changed consistency or is pretty old, I toss it.

I put everything back and I wanted to share a couple of specific items I use to help keep the pantry organized.

#organize #kitchen1. For my Koolaid, seasoning packets and dip mixes, I use a packet organizer so that I can see what I have easily. This one is elevated, so I can see clearly.

Pantry organization #organizing



2. For condiments and syrup, I use a lazy susan. This way I can see what there is using the turntable.

condiment organization, #organize


3. For pasta, I use mason jars.  You can get them with lids for about $1.50 each and they keep food fresh. I do not need to label these because, I can see right through them.

#mason jars #organization

4. I used sliding drawers to corral bags of rice mixes, baking chips and snacks so that they are not tossed all over the place. These drawers are relatively inexpensive and are usually in the closet storage section.

#organize #pantry

So here is my after photo,

Organized pantry #organization

What do you use to help keep your pantry organized?




  1. That looks great! I reorganized my pantry recently as well, and it’s so much easier to use. I have a similar style of pantry, based on your photos, except that some of the shelves are closer together, which can be a little limiting.

    I have a lazy Susan for some items, and I use tiered inserts for my spices, which makes it easy to see what’s there, rather than digging through an array of tiny containers that are all the same size. (I also got rid of a lot of spices, because I’d accumulated them in fits of “Oh, maybe I should try cooking that” and then never did. Paring down to what I actually use felt great.) I also have a tiered insert with deeper shelves for canned goods, which simplifies my inventory. I still need to find a way to organize some of my baking goods and teas, but it’s already so much better than it was!

    • Organizedisland says:

      I am so with you on the paring down. It really does help. I loved tiered insets too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I so need to re-organize my pantry. It is small and I am at a loss for how to organize it, so I keep putting it off. Probably should go look for something expired so I will just do it! 😉
    I would love if you would share this at my link party.
    Take care,

  3. I have a pantry that is about 12″ deep so on one shelf I use clear plastic shoe boxes for spices, cookie decorations, gravy packets, and such. Then it’s easy to pull out a box, get what you need and put it back!

  4. Great tips and you did a great job! I do re-organize my pantry, too, and throw out old stuff, etc. but I must admit, I haven’t gotten THAT organized yet. Looks like I have some thinking to do on that! 🙂 Thanks for the motivation!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier, too, and leaving some comment love! Have a great day! 🙂

  5. {Melinda} I have a small pantry and it is so hard to keep it organized. I think this post may have inspired me to tackle it Saturday. Sigh. One thing that has helped somewhat is that I use a milk crate at the bottom of my pantry floor for all the chips bags. I use a small plastic tupperware dish as a seasoning packets organizer. It’s a constant battle — organization. That’s why I need your site!! 🙂

    • Organizedisland says:

      A milk crate is a great idea for chip bags! You will feel better once you do it. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Looks fantastic! I am in the process of getting my whole kitchen organized, thanks for the great tips 🙂

    • Organizedisland says:

      Oh that is wonderful Erin! I don’t think I can say that my whole kitchen is organized – but I am working on it! 🙂

  7. Oh boy – did I ever need to read this post! My cabinets are in complete disarray all the time. I need to get myself some of these inexpensive items (drawers, mason jars, containers) so that I can tackle my kitchen. Thanks for the tips!

  8. Lazy susan in the pantry is brilliant! I seriously need to organize my pantry. It’s a decent size but it’s just so deep, that you really have to dig past the items in the front to get items towards the back. I think the sliding drawers would really help with that. Thanks!

    • Organizedisland says:

      Thanks for your sweet comments Gracielle! I appreciate you stopping by!

  9. I wish I could get all my dry goods organized…well, I also wish I had an actual pantry! We recently found a bottle of vinegar that expired in 2009. We looked at each other puzzled, and both acknowledged that we never knew that vinegar could expire. Or the soy sauce that expired a year ago….I’m thinking you may have just given me a post for next week…and a project for the weekend!

    • Organizedisland says:

      LOL, I hear you on the expired items! You will love how it looks and functions when it is completed. Good luck & can”t wait to see your post.

  10. Love these storage ideas. I really need one of those drawers!

  11. Looks good! I love how you organized everything into different sections.
    Selene @

  12. Amazing!!! Great post! Happy weekend!

  13. Love this! I’ve got one of those rolling drawer organizers that is stocked with art supplies my kids will never use. Tim to donate to church and put it in the pantry! Thank you- you have no idea how much!!

  14. You are a girl after my own heart! Your pantry looks great. Love the packet organizer!

  15. I have a feeling I have some expired lemonade mix in my pantry, too! I’ve been keeping those big popcorn tins that arrive full of caramel corn during the holidays…they’re perfect for my cupcake sprinkles, cake decorating supplies and cupcake papers. Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. This is great! I have the most awkward of pantries. It goes to the left and you have to walk in sideways to be able to see what you have. I don’t understand why they made it the way they did. It makes no sense whatsoever!

    Good job on this..!

    Happy Sharefest!

  17. Nicely organized!!

  18. Great tips! I just had to organize (and throw away) the pantry/closet at my dad’s home. He had stuff in there that expired in 2006! I especially like the idea of using the drawer for storage; that would really keep things neat.

  19. Love this! I did a post awhile back on organizing your kitchen with lazy susans. They’re my secret weapon. Great minds think alike!

    • Organizedisland says:

      I love lazy susans Elena! So nice to connect with you! THank you for stopping by!

  20. Mary Deislinger says:

    I love the idea of the lazy susans; in fact, I have some in other kitchen cabinets. Unfortunately, I find that they don’t roll smoothly around and seem fragile, as if they’re going to collapse. Are there better quality ones than these plastic ones? Thanks for the ideas, especially the sliding drawers.

    • Organizedisland says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I found a great wooden one for about $9.99 at Walmart. It is nice and sturdy.

  21. Very nicely organized pantry.

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  22. I need to borrow some of your ideas! Our pantry has become an overflowing mess once again. I love the idea of using a lazy susan in it.


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