Pantry Organization Ideas

I am sharing a few pantry organization ideas that I have found to be helpful over the years. The pantry is just one of those high-traffic areas that needs a routine check every once in a while. I try to reorganize mine about every six months or so.

You may remember a few years back, my pantry looked like this:

Pantry unorganized


There was not much in terms of organization here and it was difficult to even know what was in my pantry. There were duplicates and expired items and I am not even sure what was in the back because you could not get to things back there.

Once I reorganized and decluttered the kitchen pantry, it was so much easier to maintain. I clean it out twice a year (July and January) and I have found that the following tips have helped me maintain order.

Pantry Storage Tips

  • Start by taking items out and sorting like items together. It really helps to take everything out if you have not organized in a while.
  • Put some motivating music on to help you get excited about moving food around.
  • Look at expiration dates for EVERYTHING. Somehow, time moves at an amazing speed when it comes to pantry items. Throw out anything past its expiration date or anything that looks funny.
  • Wipe down all shelves and sides. Consider using paper liner so that you can protect the pantry shelves.
  • Keep like items together. Store newer items in the back if they are duplicates so you will use the older one first.
  • Use storage boxes for opened packages of pasta, baking chips or nuts. It will keep them from sliding around and possibly opening and spilling everywhere.

Pantry organization tips for your home!


  • Store marinade and seasoning packets in a little tiered box. It makes it easier to see what you have and grab and go when you need it.


Pantry organizing tips to maximize space and avoid waste!

  • Use lazy Susans (not sure why they are called that) to access bottles and jars of items that might be a bit sticky. This goes for marinades, syrups, honey etc.

Using a rotating tray will help maximize pantry space!

  • Store items in smaller containers when possible. They will take less space and make it easier to identify when you are running low.
  • Keep track of items you are running low on and items that will expire soon. I list items that will expire soon on a Pantry Inventory List. I find that it really helps me not by duplicates when I do not intend to and helps to use up food instead of wasting it.

Pantry Inventory Printable

 Click here for your  ==> Free Pantry Inventory Printable.

Now my pantry stays organized longer and I can find things easily when I need them.
Pantry Organizing tips to keep it organized and tidy!


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What are your best tips for organizing your pantry?





  1. Good idea having a pantry inventory list that you can take with you to the grocery store. My pantry and kitchen cupboards desperately ned some lazy susans.

  2. This is a very useful post. I’m curious. Were the before and after your own cupboards? It looked like the after photos didn’t have as much inside them. Those organizers take up room. One thing that always has prevented me from hiring one of those closet organizing companies is that it appears their neat after photos have much less stuff in the closets than I do. I do use the rotating tables, double layer, and dividers in my kitchen cupboards, but they make things more accessible. The cupboards don’t really hold much more.

    • Yes, they are my own cupboards. I had SOOOOOO many expired and duplicate items (that I did not even know I had) in the first photo a couple of years ago. Yes, the organizers take a little room but they also offer the opportunity to better store stuff by stacking (storing upwards) for the items I had and by allowing me to spin and see what I already had. It sounds like you have some great organization going already Barbara! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thanks Raquel! I REALLY need some pantry organization. I REALLY appreciate the printable as well.
    Happy New Year, my fried!

  4. Your pantry looks so nice! Reorganizing the pantry is on my to-do list…

  5. Ours look more like your before photo, even when it’s been cleaned. It’s tough with young kids but you have certainly inspired me.

  6. These are great ideas. I love the checklist for pantry items. And I agree that listening to music makes purging and organizing and any chore more enjoyable. Thanks for the tips!

  7. What great tips! I definitely need to work on organizing my pantry this week!

  8. I’m loving the before and after! Thank for the awesome panty printable… pinned!

  9. Great ideas and I love the printable!

  10. Wow, that is a drastic before and after. Mine looks like the before – I’ll have to put this on my list. Since if it doesn’t go on the list – it doesn’t get done. Thanks for the inspiration.


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