Kids Storage and Organization Ideas

Are you kicking off 2017 with some decluttering and organizing? While it has been tough not spending the morning in pajamas, I have been purging like a boss because we have sold our home and will be moving soon. Do you ever ask yourself where did all this stuff come from? Most of the items have been donated to charity and it makes me feel good that someone else can use items that are in good condition, but are not used any longer. Many of the items that my kids used when they were younger are still in good shape. Which leads me to today’s post about Kids Storage and Organization ideas.

We found over the years that it needs to be easy for the kids to use or else it just doesn’t work. Here are a few examples of how to organize your child’s room. I love how colorful and simple many of these ideas are.

A round up of kids storage and organization ideas from Organized Island.

Kids Organization Ideas

  1. Conquering Clothing Clutter: Kid’s Closet from
  2. Tips For Organizing Kids’ School Papers from
  3. Simple Ways To Organize Kids Craft Supplies from
  4. Kids Bedroom Organization from
  5. Organizing Kids Treasures from
  6. Organizing A Kid-Friendly Closet from
  7. Organizing Your Children’s Toys from
  8. 5 Simple Steps For Organizing Toys That Really Work from
  9. Back To School: A Creative Workspace For Our Boy from
  10. Easy Tips For Organizing Kids Clothes And Toys from
  11. 7 Tips For Organizing A Shared Closet For Kids from
  12. Planning Kids Clothes For The Week from
  13. Kids Clothes Rack DIY from
  14. Organizing Your Kid’s Room On A Budget from
  15. Playroom Makeover Room Reveal from
  16. Organizing Kids Drawers With Dividers from
  17. DIY: Toy Storage Bench from
  18. Playroom Decorating Ideas from
  19. Fabric Storage Bins from
  20. DIY School Bus Bookshelf from

Are you decluttering this month?



  1. I swear I always salivate from these things. The kids share a room right now and we want to give them separate ones eventually, but then we would lose a guest room. I definitely have big dreams about a new house, but it’s nice to see what you can do with the space you have.

  2. What a great roundup! I’m planning on doing a lot of decluttering this month 🙂


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