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Top Organization and Planning Tips

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There is just something really wonderful about the fresh beginning that is New Year’s. It’s  a great time to savor memories from the year and also one of my very favorite times to look back at what we shared on this blog .I am so grateful for the  many loyal and supportive readers who have helped make this blog what it is. I am extremely thankful for all of you and look forward to the new year. Here is 2016 in review.

I have already shared the best recipes of 2016 (based on page views) last week, and now I am recapping the best organization and planning tips I shared in 2016.



A round up of the best planning and organization tips from 2016.Organization and Planning Tips

Menu Planning

Most recently, I shared how we saved a lot of money by taking time to menu plan each week. You can read how I did that and print your some free menu planning printables.

Grab these free meal planning printables and start the year more organized.


Starting on Friday, I will be sharing some menu plans to help you get some new easy recipes on your menu rotation. This is a new weekly feature series that will kick off the new year.

Travel Packing Lists

These travel packing lists for men, women and kids, are designed to help you pack all your needed items for your next trip. There is also one specifically for cruises.

Going on a trip? These free printable packing lists will have you prepared and ready to go!


Planning a Bridal Shower

These are also very inexpensive to do, but just take a little planning. My daughter’s maid of honor was great at picking some fun things to do, without being too corny. I have also included some free wedding shower printables to save you time, because you all know how I feel about time!

These Bridal Shower Activities  were entertaining and fun. So if you are planning a bridal shower, check them out.

Great ideas for bridal shower activities and games. Ways to make the wedding shower memorable!


If you are planning a celebration, you may want to check out these Bridal Shower Decorating ideas that I shared in the spring.

These painted mason jars made for pretty centerpieces for the shower and wedding!

Besides these planning tips, we of course, did some organizing this year.

Organizing Your Home

Get inspired with these closet organization tips and freezer organization tips. Organizing takes a little work, but it is so freeing to have things properly stored and right where you need them.

Tips from a productivity manager on decluttering the closet. Methods to help you decide what to keep and what to get rid of.

Travel Planning Tips

This year I shared some travel planning tips for your next vacation. Earlier in the year, I shared some tips on shopping in Japan. There were also tips on visiting Vienna, Austria for the first time. I shared a few suggestions on where to dine as well as a recommended day trip to Melk.



We will have more exciting planning and organizing articles along with many recipes in 2017, so if you have not signed up for our mailing list, you can do that here. Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page so we can connect.





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