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Travel Packing List Printables

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hello Friends! It is still vacation season so today I wanted to share these ultimate travel packing list sets with you. We have traveled quite a bit and I have a good idea of what I need on a trip, so I like to be prepared for my travels. Since am a list-maker, I have a travel list that I use for most trips and have them in a printable form that you can print and use.



Things to consider when packing include:

  • Location
  • Trip Type (backpack, family road trip, cruise, etc.)
  • Climate
  • Length of Stay
  • Planned Activities

When my kids were old enough, they were responsible for packing their own items and you will find a free kids packing list on this page as well.

Why use a vacation packing list? Because I like to be prepared for a number of variables, most of all being weather, but also depending on the activities we end up doing. I like to keep my itinerary open for local events, local exploring and what I call unplanned events. I rarely forget anything thanks to these travel packing lists.

Going on a trip? These free printable packing lists will have you prepared and ready to go!I also try to keep the lists to a minimum so that I can travel light and leave a little room for things I might want to bring back from the trip. Don’t forget to check the dollar store for inexpensive travel items.

Through my 30 years of travel, these are the items I have found to be the most helpful. If y0u have other suggestions to add, I would love to hear them in the comments.


There is a free packing list for vacation for adults, kids and even one for a cruise vacation since that list can differ a bit. The packing list for a cruise vacation will depend on your cruise.



Need a packing list? There are several great packing lists here for adults, children and one for cruise travel too!

While you can always buy what you forgot, chances are that it will cost you more to purchase at your location and it is better to have what you need on hand. Be sure to pin this so that you have it for your next trip. Don’t forget to check out my other packing tips too!



Travel packing lists to print



Travel Packing List for Your Next Trip

To print out the list, just right-click on the picture below.


printable packing list for women

Women’s Packing List


mens packing checklist

Men’s packing checklist




Cruise Packing Checklist


free printable kids packing list

Kids Packing List

We hope you found these free packing lists for travel helpful. We strive to help you make the most of your time.

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Are you going on a trip soon? Where to?

Travel organization tips





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Sunday 17th of July 2016

These are so handy. I had my solo trip to NYC and then next week is family trip to Cape Cod and then in August it's romantic trip for two to Alaska. So many checklists!


Monday 18th of July 2016

I loved seeing you updates from Blogger Bash! How fun that you are off on more trips! Cannot wait to see the photos. :)