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Menu Planning Template

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Today I am sharing some tips on how I meal plan for the week. I will be sharing a weekly menu plan along with some other bloggers. I have to tell you that we did not always menu plan. It came out of financial necessity but I have to say all that happened definitely helped us save a lot of money since we started. 

Today I am sharing a Menu Planning Template Printable that you can use to plan your weekly menu. In fact, there are three to choose from so you can change them up or use your favorite style.





I have planned meals for years and thought I would share a few meal planning tips.

Meal Planning





Menu Planning Template Tips

  • Plan your meal around your grocery store sales.
  • Know what vegetables and fruits are in season during the spring, summer, fall and winter so you can use them in recipes.
  • Freeze meats and meals when you get them at a really good price and use them later.
  • Make a recipe binder or an online folder for recipes you want to try.
  • Only save recipes that are really good. The ones that are not so good are not worth spending money trying to tweak them. There are lots of good ones..



Free menu planning template.

Grab your free Menu Planning Template Here. There are three different styles, you can print the one that fits your planner/household binder theme. 

If you would like to find more tips on meal planning, be sure to check out my Meal Planning in Minutes book. It is available on my site and on Amazon,

In the book, there are sections on:

  • How to build your first meal plan and start building from there. 
  • How to find the best recipes online and offline.
  • Suggestions to cook an ingredient once and then use it in leftovers. 
  • Calculating your savings once you start meal planning – even if you just cook a couple of times a week.
  • What you need to consider nutritional and dietary needs in building a plan.
  • How to save even more money when grocery shopping.
  • Dinner recipes to get started.

Meal Planning in Minutes




Do you meal plan regularly?



Easy Simple Recipe Ideas


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