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Jarcuterie is the New Snack

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Jarcuterie is a great way to enjoy appetizers with friends and offer everyone their own cheese and meat plate. 

Charcuterie boards have been hugely popular in the last year and while I have made a few for family. The great thing about these appetizers is that you can take them on the go.

Jarcuterie is perfect for a picnic, beach trip or even a boat ride.


What is Jarcuterie?

If you have not heard of Jarcuterie, it is a recent trend in the food world. Jarcuterie is, quite literally, charcuterie in a jar. 

The typical items arranged on a tray are meats, cheeses, nuts, crackers, and fruits. The only difference with jarcutire that you are filling individual jars with the items. Each person has their own personalized appetizer and there is no need for a shared board. 


Charcuterie in a Jar

Why This Recipe

What’s nice about these is that you can totally customize your jars according to each person’s food preferences. If you have a friend who has a pork or peanut allergy, you can completely specialize a jar just for them. 

These jars also keep well for packing purposes. As long as they stay refrigerated, you can seal each jar to maintain freshness. That way cheeses and meats are not just sitting out getting warm.

Another reason I love these is that they are festive! each one is a little different, so it adds some interest. In these times, you don’t have to worry about everyone standing over the same plate – another plus. 

How To Charcuterie in a Jar

You just need a few ingredients for these and you can totally change them up to your liking. 

Charcuterie in a Jar Ingredients

Ingredients for Charcuterie in a Jar

Meats I used ham, turkey and pepperoni. Other great meats are salami, prosciutto and pepperoni.

Crackers – So many types to choose from here – butter, rye, wheat, cheese, water crackers, etc. You can also use things like pita chips or rice crackers. 

Honey Roasted Nuts You can use peanuts, pistachios or cashews. 

Pretzel Sticks – You can also use breadsticks.

Fruit – I used fresh grapes and strawberries, but you can use dried fruit like raisins or apricots too.

Cheese – I like to use both sliced and block cheese to change it up.  Block cheeses are fun when cut with cookie cutters. I would suggest avoiding any strong cheeses that might take over the flavors in the jars. 

Rosemary Sprigs – These are just for looks, parsley sprigs work well too!

Supplies Needed for This Recipe

  • 8-12 oz plastic jars – I love these jars for jarcuterie.
  • Picnic Basket – You don’t have to have a picnic basket, but honestly summer is more fun with one. I like this one
  • Small Cookie Cutters – these mini cookie cutters are so much fun and add a touch of whimsy to the snack jars. You can skip these and just cut with a knife if you want. 

How to Make Charcuterie in Jars

How to Make Jarcuterie

  1. Cut the block cheese to the appropriate thickness and length for your cookie cutters to make the
    cheese designs.
  2. Roll cold cuts and sliced cheese.
  3. Layer the items inside of the jars carefully. 
  4. Add the nuts and crackers last so that they do not get soggy. 
  5. Seal the jars if packing to go for a picnic or outing. You may want to add the crackers right before serving to maintain crispness. 

With photos ok

timesaving tips to streamline recipes

Timesaving tipsTips to make this perfect every time

  • You can cut the cheese with the cookie cutters ahead of time and store in your refrigerator.
  • Adding the nuts throughout helps hold everything in place.
  • Add the crackers and bread last so that they stay crisp. 


What Should I Serve With Jarcuterie?

The possibilities are endless. You can serve with lemonade, sangria, wine or beer.

Can I make the Jarcuterie ahead of time?

Yes,  You can add the cheeses and meats the day prior and keep jars chilled in the refrigerater. Don’t add crackers or nuts until about an hour before to serving because they will get soggy from the moisture. 

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Jarcuterie Charcuterie in a Jar

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Marie B.

Thursday 22nd of April 2021

What a great idea! Perfect for small gatherings, showers, and birthdays. Will definitely be doing this for an upcoming baby shower!