Ten Things My Mother Taught Me

As you may know, I visit my parents just about every weekend. My mother is 84 years young and has been an inspiration in my life. She has taught me many things in my life.  So in honor of Mother’s Day, I thought I would share a few of those things here. Most of the things I agree with, and a couple I do not, so here goes:

Mom and I.jpg

1. Never leave the house without make up – My mother always puts her “face” on. Even now, she must have her make up on if we go out in public. I have to say that I tend to do this too, even if it is just some mascara and lip gloss (which it usually isn’t). I do feel better with make up on.

2. Stand up for what you believe right – I could write a entire post book on this one. My mother taught me to question when something was not right or fair. I can remember her advocating for more trees and healthier food choices at my elementary school. Today, she still argues with some of the utility companies that she believes overcharged her. Basically, have an opinion and stand up for things that are important to you. Bravo!

3. Take care of your friends because they need to be valued – I love this one. I so love the wonderful friends in my life. I agree that you should treat your friends with care and compassion. Some people come in our life at different times for different reasons. The ones that have become my friends are priceless to me.

4. Always eat breakfast and drink your milk- Mom always made sure I had breakfast in the morning and always wanted me to drink my milk. She still to this day will try to get me to drink milk with all my meals. I do eat breakfast every day, but I rarely drink milk.

5. Write stuff down so you do not forget it – Amen! I am a firm believer of this and if you follow my blog, you know that I am a list-maker. It is truly the only way I will remember to do everything. Some items are on paper and some are in an electronic file, but it works.

6. Be honest so you don’t have to remember your story – This one made me smile. She said if you tell a lie, it is harder to remember what that lie was and better to be honest. When she told me this, I have to say, I wondered what “stories” she may have told me over the years. I agree with being honest because it is being real and being real is important to me.

7. Never touch a public toilet handle with your bare hands – My mother taught me to never ever touch a public toilet without putting a piece of toilet paper in your hand first. All those germs were certain to climb into your skin. Ok, I know this sounds a little weird, but having been told this since I was little, so I still do this.

8. Keep everything in case you need it – My mother was raised during the Depression Era so rations were taking place and anything and everything was saved for another purpose. If you were to come with me to my parents’ house you would see that she does in fact, still live by this rule. I do not. I do not like clutter, so I try to get rid of things that I am not using/wearing.

9. Don’t be wasteful – This  goes along with the previous one, but specifically, we are talking about natural resources and food. My mother would save rain water for the plants in buckets. Food was another valuable commodity and throwing good food away was not something taken lightly in our home.  I try not to be wasteful, but sometimes I do let stuff get old in the refridgerator. Sorry mom.

10. Manage your time wisely because you will never have enough of it – This one is so true, as I see my mother’s health declining, it makes me realize that time is going by faster than we want. And there will never be never enough of it. That is why I feel that time should be spent nurturing and enjoying relationships and one of the reasons I started this blog.

Thank you mom, for all you have taught me. I have tried to pass most of these on to my kids. What lessons did your mom teach you?


I am participating in a blog hop with Generation Fabulous, where we are discussing advice our Mom’s gave us.




  1. I love reading how women are impacted by their mothers and the advice given to them over the years! My fav from your list was that she taught you with her actions to stand up for what you believe in.

  2. All excellent Mom advice!

  3. Great advices! Mom knows the best! It’s wonderful to see how close you and your mom are. Love this post!

  4. Wonderful and oh, so true. Mom advice. Drives us crazy sometimes, but most times they were right!

  5. Proof that, no matter how much we roll our eyes, our mothers usually do know best!

  6. Your mum sounds like a wise, practical woman, with some excellent advice! Thanks for sharing this.

  7. Mums are just full of advice aren’t they? Sometimes when I open my mouth to give my own daughter some ‘pearl of wisdom’ I think it is my mother speaking! Loved your post.

  8. This is such a wonderful, touching post, Raquel. <3 Thank you for sharing it with us all. 🙂

  9. Oh, your mom is right about the toilet handle. Now I’ll add that to my sanitation routine. Mother knows best. I love the pic!

  10. I like to think that we have all become as wise as our mothers – can it be true?

  11. Your mom sounds both pragmatic and loving – a perfect combination. Love her advice, even the parts I don’t follow.

  12. #5 is my favorite: “Write stuff down so you do not forget it” – especially important as we go through perimenopause and menopause!!

  13. What a great post =) Now I’m thinking about the things my mom taught me…

  14. It is amazing how much we bring to our own lives from our moms. Some of those are on my list too!!

  15. I LOVE number six — it is so true. Honesty keeps things so simple. Thanks for sharing your mom’s wisdom with us!

  16. Great advice from a smart, smart woman, especially the part about not touching the public toilet LOL. That ones my fav. I always use my foot.

  17. I LOVE this. Thanks for sharing. I will certainly enter the blog hop! Andrea visiting from SITS.

  18. My mom taught me to be independent and never rely on a man to care for me. I should fall in love, but not depend on it.

  19. Great tips, Raquel. Does Organized Island make house calls? I could sure use some help sorting out my life in Switzerland! http://pattymackz.com/wordpress/?p=3002

  20. Very impressive list – thank you for taking the time to write about so many of the little lessons you have learned from your mom. Mine, too, taught me some of these same things.

  21. It’s all such good advice!

  22. Your mom sounds wonderful! How great that she’s passed these sentiments down to you!

  23. I had to chuckle when I got to number seven. My mom preached the same thing. thus, I am an expert at using my foot to flush a toilet!!! Great advice from your great mom.

  24. What a great post. I love that it’s a blog hop. I guess I’ll have to stop and think what my mother taught me. Those teachings become part of who we are at times we don’t stop to think where they came from.

  25. Great advice from your mom!


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