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How to Make Coffee Filter Butterflies

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Today I am sharing a fun end of summer craft idea.  Today we are sharing a fun dollar store craft idea. These Dollar Store Craft Coffee Filter Butterflies are so easy to make and they also make for fun party decorations too!

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Coffee Filter Butterflies

Hello Friends!

Today I am sharing a fun craft idea that is a perfect late-summer a little too early for fall crafting idea. These little guys are a perfect opportunity to take some time to create something beautiful with friends and family. These would also be so pretty in a bedroom or on a bulletin board. 

If you have been around here a while, you know we love dollar store crafting. Some of our favorites are  the Dollar Store fall wreath, the Dollar Store Scarecrows, and this Dollar Store Flip Flop craft. 

I like to enjoy the present season and find it is a little too early to bring the pumpkins out. Now on to today’s tutorial. 

How to make Coffee Filter Butterflies

With just five supplies from the Dollar Store and a few household supplies, you can tie dye coffee filters with washable markers to create dozens of gorgeous butterflies!  This is a fun craft idea for anytime of year and I love how inexpensive they are to make. 


  • Dollar Store Coffee Filters
  • Dollar Store Washable Markers
  • Dollar Store Chenille Stems
  • Dollar Store Pony Beads
  • Dollar Store Zippered Bags – Gallon Size
  • Spray Bottle filled with water – I like these bottles for crafting.


Coffee Filter Butterfly Step by Step Instructions:

Step One

Flatten out a coffee filter on top of a gallon size zippered bag.  Draw random designs on the coffee filter with a variety of colors. Remember that color combinations next to each other on the color wheel will become muddy once blended – red and green; blue and orange; yellow and purple. 

Coffee Filter Butterflies

Step Two

Mist coffee filter with water from a spray bottle and then let dry completely.  Set aside to dry but it’s super fun to watch the colors mix and blend!

Coffee Filter Butterflies

Step Three

Create two tie-dyed coffee filters for each butterfly.  

Coffee Filter Butterflies

Step Four

Fan fold two coffee filters to create each butterfly.

Step Five

Stack fan folded coffee filters on top of each other, as pictured.

Step Six

Fold chenille stem in half and place coffee filters one-third from base.  Twist the bottom loop of the chenille stem. Twist once above the folded coffee filters, creating a tight section.  

Step Seven

Leave a ½” loop and twist again to create the butterfly head.  Leave the antennae straight.


Step Eight

Open and fluff out the wings of the butterfly.  Pinch at the ends to retain the folds.

Step Nine

Thread a pony bead on the end of each antennae and curl into a swirl.

And there you have it! So easy and colorful!

Coffee Filter Craft idea

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We hope you loved this simple dollar store craft idea. How about you – are you fall crafting yet?




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