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Monster Halloween Treats

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Make these adorable Monster Halloween Treats to wow your guests and please the younger crowd at your October party. Each treat is a dipped marshmallow decorated to look like a monster similar to Frankenstein.

The end result is impressively ghoulish with just the right touch of silliness to keep from frightening younger guests with the treats meant to make them giggle.

Monster Halloween Treats


Why this Recipe?

These are one of the coolest-looking Halloween treats you will ever make. Take them to any party during October and they will be the biggest hit on the table.

You can pull off these monster Halloween treats so quickly because there is no cooking involved and everything comes together fast but looks amazing.

Monster Halloween Treats Recipe

This is a low-cost treat you can make in bulk for a school party, block party, or any big event.

Did I mention these look great?


Monster Halloween Marshmallow treats

Ingredients for Monster Halloween Treats

Jumbo Marshmallows. These will form the base of your monster face.

Tiny Marshmallows. These will become the bolts of this Frankenstein-like monster.

Wilton Lollipop Sticks. One per treat.

White Candy Melts. These can be found in the candy-making aisle of your local craft store and are different than white chocolate.

Green Food Coloring. Any kind will work. The gel kind will have the least impact on the consistency and texture of the candy melts.

Candy Eyes. These are made by Wilton and can be found at your craft store or supermart.

Black Decorator Icing. Premade in a bag.

Black or Brown Sprinkles. You want the long thin kind called jimmies.

Monster Halloween Marshmallow treats


How to Make Monster Halloween Treats

It’s so very easy to make these adorable treats! You don’t even have to worry about the mouth looking perfect because funny or crooked mouths are totally appropriate here. The most complicated step in this recipe is melting the candy melts. Or keeping them safe from being gobbled up before you are ready to serve.

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Push the lollipop sticks into the marshmallows about halfway through.
  2. In a small bowl melt, the candy melts at 10 to 30-second intervals until melted.
  3. Add green food coloring to the candy melts and mix.
  4. Dip each marshmallow into the melted candy and spread it over the marshmallow using a spatula or knife.
  5. Next, dip the marshmallow in the black sprinkles to create the hair on top.
  6. Set pop on a styrofoam block or in tall glasses. A dd tiny marshmallows for the bolts.

How To Make Monster Halloween Treats


Add two candy eyes and draw smiles or frowns or scares using the black icing.


Adding Eyes to Monster Treats

Once you draw the faces, let treats sit for about 30 minutes.

Making Monster Faces


timesaving tips to streamline recipes

Timesaving Tips to Make Monster Halloween Treats

Before you begin, count out the number of jumbo marshmallows you will need, and spread them out on wax paper. If you don’t have enough styrofoam to prop each treat after it is decorated, you can turn them upside down on the wax paper after decorating to dry. The sprinkles for hair will not stick to the wax paper.

The black decorator icing bag will have a built-in tip so you don’t even have to put a tip on the bag to pipe


Can I use white chocolate for the monster halloween treats?

You can use white chocolate in place of the candy melts in a pinch, but you won’t get as smooth or pretty a result. Candy melts coat more evenly and smoothly.

I don’t have lollipop sticks and can’t find them last minute. What Can I Do?

Make your monster heads sit on a platter with no stick. It’s a bit more gruesome somehow, but that works for this holiday.

Don’t forget to bookmark this recipe.

Monster Marshmallows



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Monster Marshmallows

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Wednesday 29th of September 2021

They're cute! (and scary) I don't like marshmallows but then make them festive for Halloween, dip them in chocolate, toasted them at a campfire, and suddenly, they're my favorite food.