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Conversation Heart Cookies

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These fun Conversation Heart Cookies are a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Using edible markers, you can come up with some fun sayings of your own.

 Valentine’s day may look a little different this year, so why not surprise family or friends with some tasty Conversation Heart Shaped cookies. 

Conversation Heart Cookies

Hi Friends!

Isn’t it crazy that it is already February already? We are getting ready to watch the big game this weekend and follow the last of football for the season. 

Today’s recipe for some fun heart-shaped cookies is a nice way to get creative while making cookies. Conversation hearts are always fun and there is just something about being able to make up your own sayings that make them special. Whether you are celebrating with a loved one, family or friends with a Galentine’s Party, this can be a fun activity. 

Conversation Heart Cookies recipe

Today’s recipe is a wonderful cookie is a colorful and playful way to spread some love.

Valentine's Heart Cookies

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Valentine's Heart Cookies ingredients

List of main ingredients and materials:

Conversation Heart Cookies

How to  make Conversation Heart Cookies

Things to note before starting: To get a pastel color you will have to dye the icing the base color, then add white to lighten it up.

Gel or Liquid Food Coloring? Water-based or liquid food coloring will change the consistency of your icing when working with them. As an industry standard when working on decorated cookies, gel or powder colors are preferred.

Royal Icing Guidelines: Royal icing dries hard when uncovered. During the non-mixing moments and coloring, you should keep a wet paper towel or clean dish cloth over the royal icing until it is inside of the piping bag. Royal Icing should not be too stiff, nor too loose. Make sure you follow the directions on the royal icing mix and do an icing consistency test:

To test your royal icing: Slide the spoon down the center of the bowl, touching the bottom. Count how long it takes the line to disappear from the icing. You want it to take 13-15 seconds. If the icing closes immediately your icing is too loose and will run off the cookie. If the icing is too loose, add more of the stiff royal icing or add SIFTED powdered sugar to thicken it up. The powdered or icing sugar must be sifted to minimize the risk of clumps in the icing coming out of the piping bags.


Mixing food coloring to frostin

After you make your 4-5 colors of frosting, you will fill the piping bags.

How to easily and quickly fill your piping bags:

  1. Using a tall cup, place the piping bag inside of the cup, making sure you flatten the tip of the bag downward on the cup.
  2.  Scoop or pour the icing into the bag making sure not to get icing on the overhang of the piping bag on the outside of the cup.
  3.  Lift the side of the cup straight up, press out any air and tie the bags in a knot, with bag ties or seal them with a rubber band or something similar, to keep the icing from coming out the incorrect end of the bag.

How to frost cookies


Cut the tip slightly and test how the icing flows out the bag. Remember to cut a small hole in the tip first, then gradually make it larger.

If you cut too much off at once, you will have to create a new bag. Once you have a flow of icing that does not hurt your hands and is easily managed, outline the cookie with icing.

With a little more pressure add icing to the center of the cookie. Use a toothpick or skewer to move the icing around on the cookie.


Outline and fill method

Place newly flooded cookies on a baking sheet to dry. Tip: Place the cookies in front of a fan to speed up the drying process.

Icing will be hard to the touch when cookies are ready for the next step. The drying time can take anywhere from 2-6 hours, depending on your weather. If you live in a damper area or if it is raining, allow for an extended drying period.

heart cookies on cookie sheet

After the icing has dried: Use the Pink Wilton Food Writers to write your love notes onto the cookies. The pink is the closest to mimicking the actual Conversation Heart cookies, but any color writer will work. Edible food markers will dry out faster than a regular marker so please keep the tops on when not in use.

How to make Conversation heart cookies

These are so much fun!

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How to make Conversation heart cookies


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