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Chalkboard Gift Box

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This Chalkboard gift box is a fun and simple and fun gift idea.


This fun chalkboard gift idea is a perfect gift idea for someone special! Perfect for bridesmaids, Valentine's day or just because!I made this one afternoon while watching the Olympics.  I bought one of those cardboard boxes from the craft store.


Most craft store carry these cardboard boxes. I love that they are so cute and useful!

First, I covered the edge of the lid with double-sided tape.

Then I painted the lid with chalkboard paint. You could also use chalkboard paper.

Once the paint dried, I took some extra scrapbook paper I had and cut it to fit around the lid.  

I glued it to the edge of the lid and let it dry.

Then I added a lace bow to the top and glued that to the lid.

The box looks fine as  is and makes a great gift (or a great package to put jewelry or a gift card in).  I put the name of the person I made it for in chalk on the lid.

Chalkboard gift box - so cute and easy to make!

You can also erase and write other sentiments. I used chalk, but you can use those cute chalk markers too!



Cute chalkboard craft idea! You can use chalk or chalk markers!

One thing to consider is that if you use chalk, it can be reused by the recipient.


Chalkboard Gift Box Supplies

  • chalkboard boxes
  • double sided tape
  • scrapbook paper
  • chalkboard paint or paper
  • scissors
  • chalk
  • lace or ribbon

This was an easy craft and one that teens or older kids can make.   I have one for paper clips and another one for safety pins.  I love anything that helps me stay organized.  They also make great favors for birthdays, Valentine’s day, showers or weddings.

What did you work on this weekend?

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