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Dollar Store Wedding Decorations

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This post is sponsored by Dollar Tree, all opinions are my own. It’s wedding season soon! I’ve got a couple of invitations to weddings and I’m helping someone plan hers. Weddings are so expensive nowadays and although there are a lot of incredibly cute and ideas out there, it’s still important to keep costs in perspective. Weddings are so expensive and one of the best, easy ways to keep costs down is by making some dollar store wedding decorations.
dollar store wedding DECOR

Wedding decorations from the Dollar Tree

Today I want to show you some beautiful wedding decoration ideas made from items available at the dollar store. That’s right, these supplies cost a dollar a piece.  You can still have beautiful decorations, and no one has to know that you saved money by making your own.

Dollar Store Wedding Decor - Easy designs with dollar store supplies

I always walk down every aisle of the store because I do not want to miss something that I can use. I found some vases that I wanted to decorate and fill with flowers.


I chose white flowers because I found these cute flower embellishments, and I wanted the blue to stand out.


I took the vases and wrapped each one with tulle and tied with a bow.Then I secured the blue flowers and added some flowers to the vase.

Frugal Wedding Decor

Next I printed out a cute gratitude message on card stock and put it in a frame for the table. The frame and the stand were $1 each.

Cute message for your wedding guests will add a touch of gratitude!

Finally, I wanted to put a pretty little favor on each place setting. (By the way the plates are also from The Dollar Tree,) I wrapped some candles with lace and secured the lace with a pin.

Laced Wrapped Candles from the dollar store!

The candle is still wrapped in plastic and because the lace is for decorative purposes only, it can be easily removed by the recipient when they use the candle.

As you can see together everything makes a very nice table decoration.
dollar store wedding centerpiece

Materials for Flower Vases (all items are from the dollar store unless otherwise noted)

dollar store wedding decor ideas

Materials for all these wedding decorations are listed below.


Flower Embellishments
dollar store wedding

Materials for Candle Favors

Push Pins
Lace (purchased at the craft store)
dollar store wedding ideas

Thank You Plaque

Thank you note (done on a computer)

Do you know someone planning a wedding soon?

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Save money on your wedding decor with these frugal ideas using dollar store supplies.
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