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Whole Damn Mess from The Queen and The Outcast

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This is a sponsored post in conjunction with the One2One Network. All opinions are my own. Check out my thoughts on Whole Damn Mess from The Queen and The Outcast.

Whole Damn Mess from The Queen and The Outcast

Nothing gets me inspired for the day like listening to music when I am driving, cooking or just enjoying the moment. Lately, I have been loving the debut album, Whole Damn Mess from Don Miggs, that I had the wonderful opportunity to preview.


The Whole Damn Mess album is completely contemplative, inspiring, and upbeat while weaving together  a lovely love story based on Migg’s life. While listening to it, I feel that while there can be so much a person is dealing with at a moment in time, there is always a way to seize the day and make the most of life..


My favorite songs include, We Don’t Need A Reason. An upbeat, inspiring song that reminds us that we don’t always need a reason to chase a dream.




Another song that really speaks to me is Maybe We Should Do it. This song reminds me of the carefree days of being in love and not having a lot on your mind but just being able to seize the moment and “run away with it”.

Anywhere Without You is another cool song and has an especially captivating and cool video.


A little About the Album, The Queen and The Outcast

The Queen and the Outcast, is at its core an unexpected love story. It’s a rock and roll fairy tale of two archetypes, the Rich Girl and the Bad Boy. The songs are autobiographical to Don Miggs, and throughout the album, a more complex and richly detailed truth emerges. In the process, Miggs realizes that having everything you need doesn’t mean that you should give up on what you’ve always wanted.


Don Miggs says. “I’d love to show people that no matter what you have, every day can still be the best day of your life. It can be the day that you do something that you’ve never done before.I’m not fighting to get these songs into the top 10, thought I would gladly take it! I’m fighting to leave behind a legacy that my kids and my wife can be proud of – that I can be proud of.”

Check out the Tracklisting Below:

Whole Damn Mess – The Queen and The Outcast
1. And There They Were
2. We Don’t Need A Reason
3. Be Good To Yourself
4. Anywhere Without You
5. That’s Just How It Goes
6. Maybe We Should Do It
7. Helium
8. Summer Under Covers
9. When She Says
10. Got You Stuck in My Head

Whole Damn Mess from The Queen and The Outcast - Ad #WholeDamnMess

Whole Damn Mess  is AVAILABLE NOW Check out the Whole Damn Mess website if you are looking for some fresh,new music to take you through the day, check out their site and let me know what song is your favorite. You can let me know on this post or on social media using the hashtag, #WHOLEDAMNMESS.

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Which video was your favorite?



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