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My Turkey To Do List

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Thanksgiving Planning

With Thanksgiving just three weeks away, I am in the middle of updating my Turkey to do list from last year. This year, I thought of a few extra things so I decided I would share them with you in case you have not made your list yet.

Here are my to do’s for the next three weeks:

This week

  • Decide on a menu (I am trying a new twist on some favorite recipes and will share with you if I am happy with how they come out)
  • Test new menu items
  • Make my shopping lists (I actually make two one for perishables and one for non-perishables that I can start on now)

Week 2:

  • Clean the house
  • Clean out the refrigerator
  • Make a Thanksgiving playlist
  • Decide on Table decorations
  • Borrow furniture/serverware if needed

Thanksgiving Week:

  • Defrost turkey
  • Pre-prepare food (wash salad items, prepare desserts)
  • Set the table, including decorations
  • Touch up house
  • Pre-prepare some desserts
  • chill the wine and beer
  • make an hourly prep sheet for Thanksgiving (This really helps so I do not forget cooking times, etc.)


  • Cook all morning
  • Eat most of the afternoon
  • Play games and enjoy family
  • Relax

On Thanksgiving we have a family bingo game complete with prizes. It is always fun and gets pretty competitive. 

I also love to check out the Black Friday Ads, although this year it seems that they are already coming out. Also, on Thanksgiving I always take photos of everyone to document the year. Sometimes my family will groan a bit, but I do it anyways. The kids all grow so fast and it is nice to have some visual memories from the day.  

Does your list look like this? What are your family’s traditions on Thanksgiving?



To see how I made these simple Turkey Cookies last year, click on the photo

Turkey Cookies


For a fun Thanksgiving craft and tradition, click on the photo below:

Simple Thanksgiving Traditions

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