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Really Quick Homemade Nacho Recipe

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You know those days when you are looking at the clock and it is dinner time and you have no idea what to make? I recently put together a really simple Homemade Nacho recipe with HERDEZ® Instant Refried Beans. I had never even heard of instant beans before, potatoes, yes, but beans?

So I had to check these out for myself. I am all about saving time in the kitchen and if these were anything like their canned counterpart, I would be convinced. I not only made bean and cheese nachos, but I also made a version of Beef Nachos as well made with ground beef.

Want a super quick dinner idea? Try this quick nachos that are ready in less than 15 minutes.I have to say I tried these and was pleasantly surprised at how good these were! Perfect to have on hand for those times when I need a meal in just a few minutes.


Looking for an easy nacho recipe? check out this one made with instant beans!The beans have an authentic taste and look, and are made with real pinto beans. Made in partnership with IDAHOAN® Foods (the company that makes instant potatoes), you would not know they were instant beans by the taste.


This homemade nacho recipe takes less than 15 minutes to make. Perfect for a quick dinner or lunch idea!

Really Quick Homemade Nacho Recipe

2 cups tortilla chips

1 package Herdez Instant Beans

1 cup cheese

1 tomato diced

1 avocado diced

1/4 cup bottled

Make instant beans as directed on package.

While beans are cooking, spread tortilla chips on a large, microwave-proof plate

Top tortilla chips with beans when fully cooked

Add cheese and place plate in microwave about 80 seconds until cheese is melted.

Top with tomato, avocado, salsa and a dollop of sour cream, if desired.


You can even add some cooked ground beef and top with sour cream for a heartier meal, as shown below. This meal takes a few more minutes. The ground beef is made on the stovetop* and when the ground beef is fully cooked, you drain and add on top of the beans.

*1 lb ground beef is browned in a skillet. Add 1/2 package taco seasoning and 1/4 cup water. Cook over medium heat until water has evaporated, about 5 minutes



Want a super quick dinner idea? Try this quick nachos recipe is ready in less than 15 minutes.

HERDEZ Instant Refried Beans are available in four flavors: Traditional, Chorizo, Jalapeño, and Queso. These beans can be found in major stores soon if they are not there already.

I used the Chorizo flavored for this recipe and it was nice and had a nice mild flavor. For more information and recipe ideas, check out the Herdez Product page. Follow the conversation on social media with the hashtag,#FrijolesConTodo

Have you tried Herdez Instant Beans yet? Check out this quick recipe.

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Have you seen these in your market yet?

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This recipe is so simple to make! Homemade nachos two ways. Great for lunch, dinner or a TV snack.


Friday 30th of September 2016

I will definitely be looking for those beans. This is looking oh so yummy!


Saturday 1st of October 2016

They make great burritos too!


Monday 12th of September 2016

Nachos are one of my go-to meals, and those refried look so good :)


Monday 12th of September 2016

I think you know how much I love HERDEZ!! And nachos are a great love of mine.


Thursday 22nd of September 2016

I do! They make so many great products!