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Small Herb Garden Ideas

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Today I am sharing tips on how to Start An Indoor Herb Garden. I’ve gathered a few small herb garden ideas because now is a great time to start one!

I just started mine a few weeks ago and it is doing so well! I do not have a lot of garden space so I created a small container herb garden. 

Herb Garden Ideas

Hi Friends!

With all this extra time at home, I decided to start my very own herb garden. While in the past I have had large yard areas to have a garden, my present home does not have a lot of extra areas.

I thought I would share my herb garden ideas for small spaces as this is a great time to start one. You can start from seeds or from starter plants.

herb garden tips for small herb garden


Herb Garden Tips

  • Consider the placement of the garden to ensure it will be able to receive some natural light. Near a window, on a porch that gets sun or even a balcony can be great places for a garden. 
  • Even herbs that grow well indoors or with shade need some type of natural light. Try to find a location in your home that has the best light, perhaps near a window or under a skylight.
  • The key is to try to place the plant where they will receive four or more hours a day of natural light. 

Herb Garden Ideas

Plant Hearty Herbs

  • Not all herbs grow easily indoors, but under the right conditions, you can make it work.
  • Some of the easiest herbs to start with indoors are parsley, lemongrass, mint, chive, and basil. Chives don’t need quite as much direct sunlight, which makes them good for indoor conditions.
  • Mint needs its own pot, but grows well indoors, while lemongrass doesn’t require any soil. 

Allow for  Drainage

  • It is easy to add drainage for indoor herb gardens, and it is a really important step in the process.
  • For good drainage, you want to put the herb in a potted plant with soil in a container that has holes in the bottom.
  • You want to place a saucer or tray underneath the plants. Metal and plastic are usually good materials for this.


  • While many herbs can be grown in containers inside your home, you still need to pay attention to the climate.
  • Take note of the temperature in your home and ensure it doesn’t get too cold or too hot. A temperature of around 65-75° F is good.
  • Consider placing a thermometer attached to the window where the plants are being kept so you can see what the actual temperature is near the plant. 


herb garden ideas

This is my herb garden. The shopping details are below.

Indoor Herb Garden Kits and More

Indoor Herb Garden Products 

Not everyone has the space to have an outdoor garden, so growing herbs indoors is a great alternative. From lighting fixtures to all-in-one kits complete with seeds and soil, here are several products to get you started with your culinary herb growing project.

This indoor herb garden setup takes all the guesswork out of lighting control. It has a built-in automatic timer that controls the full spectrum light. Just put your containers underneath the lighting unit and let it go to work growing your beautiful and fragrant herbs.

Indoor Smart Herb Garden

This cute indoor starter herb kit is just perfect for the beginning gardener. It also works well for small spaces, such as a windowsill. Comes with 3 galvanized metal containers, soil, and 5 assorted herb seeds of Italian basil, parsley, cilantro, chives and rosemary.

Garden Planter Herb Kit

Grow these premium quality herbs indoors with this herb kit of 10 seed packs. Includes seeds for basil, chives, cilantro, dill, globe basil, mint, parsley, oregano, rosemary, and thyme. All you need to do is supply the containers, soil, and water.

Herb Garden Pots

This set of three planter pots will be perfect for your herb garden seeds. This is the set I have pictured above. The galvanized metal will fit with any decor. A drainage hole is included on the bottom of each pot. All three planters will fit side by side on the matching tray that’s included with the set.

Planter Pot Set

This planter pot set makes a wonderful gift for you or someone who loves cooking with fresh herbs. Along with the decorative mason jars, you get seeds to grow rosemary, sage, and basil. Soil pods included.


Garden Markers

My next suggestion is don’t wait to start your herb garden. You will be so glad you did and there is nothing like fresh herbs to make a meal taste great! For example, this Dill Pasta Salad is wonderful with fresh Dill from the garden!

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Herb Garden Tips

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Monday 18th of May 2020

Great tips, Raquel! I'm just trying to keep my herbs alive until the monsoon spring rains stop!! Pinned!


Monday 18th of May 2020

Thanks so much for the pin Liz and good luck with your herbs!


Saturday 16th of May 2020

I like the indoor herb garden kit! My kids are growing herbs right now. Definitely something fun for them to do.