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Dining Out Green 2 Go

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I had heard about Green2 Go from a friend and was intrigued when I saw some of the photos on Instagram a few months ago. Recently, I was invited to a media tasting for Green 2 Go, and I was thrilled at the opportunity since I had heard a lot of good things about it.

Founders, Joulia Kallah and Anita Allison wanted to create a place to offer healthier fast food options for people. They started a few years ago and based their menu on fast food items that people loved such as burgers, sandwiches and bowls, (you know, those things we often pick up when we need a bite), but making them better.

The difference is that Green2Go strives to offer these items, but are offered with a wonderful twist. All of their food is free of processed ingredients, fillers or GMOs. Ingredients are freshly made from scratch and most are also organic and gluten–free, all at a reasonable price!

Green 2 Go

When I first walked in, I noticed a cute small bar, with some nice wine and craft beer options.

Green 2 Go Bar

I met my friend Ann there for dinner. We had not seen each other in a while and we opted for some lovely wine before making our dinner selections. We were both pleased with the selection and while we did not order both of these bottles, we did enjoy a glass each!

A visit to Green2Go restaurant.

On to the menu! I loved the inviting and friendly setting that is a part of Green 2 Go’s character.  The ambiance is casual and it is a great spot for chilling with a friend or family. They offer a kids menu with some great options. We started with the Roasted Brussels Sprout & Faro Salad.

Brussels Sprouts from Green2Go
The menu has a wide variety of items that go way beyond a salad. It’s made with Organic Farro, candied pine nuts, blue cheese and a house-made, organic and gluten-free vinaigrette. So good!


Next we tried the Tuna Poke Martini. It’s not the martini you are thinking of, this one is gluten-free and made with ahi tuna, served with fresh guacamole.

Green 2 Go is an innovative and the ambiance is great for chilling with a friend or family members. The menu has a wide variety of items that go way beyond a salad.

You may have seen this on my Instagram what I had next. It was the Tri-tip Jazzy Panini. I loved this! Tender grass fed tri-tip over a panini and served wtih organic jack cheese, homemade guacamole and topped with jalapenos. I could seriously eat this again right now.

Next, we tried the Fully Loaded Fingerling Potatoes. Wonderfully served with organic microgreens, organic bacon and a Pacific Island dressing.

A visit to Green 2 Go in Brea.


I have not had fingerling potatoes in years, but this dish reminded me of how good they are. I cannot forget to mention another favorite dish, the Macaroni and Cheese which was truly wonderful. This dish is also offered as a build your own. Made with creamy, cheesy wrapped noodles that were surprisingly gluten-free is a must try.

Green 2 Go is an innovative and the ambiance is great for chilling with a friend or family members. The menu has a wide variety of items that go way beyond a salad.

This was so amazingly good and comforting without making you feel like you ate too much. Which brings us to dessert. There is a gluten-free bakery in the store and this Cherry Baked Cobbler was delightful. The cobblers are seasonal, so the flavors change up from time to time.

Their macaroni and cheese was wonderful. Creamy cheese wrapped noodles and are offered as a base for building your own Mac and Cheese.

I also took home one of their Banana Bread Brulee’s. I recommend that you check out this place when you can, it is deserving of a visit if you have never been. They truly are changing the face of fast-food with their menu. Be sure to say hello to Anita or Joulia if you go.

2435A E. Imperial Hwy.
Brea, CA 92821

(714) 482-2130



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Friday 3rd of February 2017

Macaroni and cheese is the king of everything! Now I have to learn what's in Pacific Island dressing because those Fully Loaded Fingerling Potatoes need to belong to me!


Tuesday 7th of February 2017

The suspense was killing me too Tamara!