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Why I love Farmers’ Markets

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I love seeing all the flowers blooming this time of year!  Even though my allergies kick up, I just cannot resist the opportunity to bring flowers into my home.

Sometimes I pick up flowers from the florist or supermarket, but usually they are from my local farmers market. There is always a wonderful selection and it is nice to know that the flowers were grown locally.

When I visited France a couple of years ago, one of the mose memorable things was all of the open air markets.  All the beautiful fruit and vegetables nicely arranged for shoppers.

The farmers market near my home does not look like this, but they do have lots of great produce and local baked items. Look at those chickens baking there! I would love to live near this one in Versailles, France.

I love to visit farmers’ markets whenever I travel to get a real taste of the local flavor.   Most of the cities here in Southern California have markets once a week.   It is a great way to support the local businesses.  If you know of a good one, please let me know so I can add it to my list and plan a trip!