Tidbits from The Island

Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving? We had an amazing time at the Thanksgiving lunch we hosted. We enjoyed a huge meal and afterwards had a lot of fun playing bingo.

So now that Thanksgiving is over, there are a few things I wanted to share with you that I thought you might enjoy. Tidbits from the Island will highlight happenings from the web, and other things I want to share with you from behind the scenes on my island of life.

Gratitude Journal

I have had this app on my phone for a few years, but I have not shared it with you yet. The  Gratitude Journal  app is one of my favorite apps. It helps you to look at the positive things that happen every day. You add your entry and you can assign a star value to your day. This is my entry from this morning.



The app stores your comments and after you input you daily blessings, it gives you a gratitude quote.



The app does cost $1.99, but at this time, 10% of that is donated to charity.  It is one of my favorite apps.


 See’s Candy Christmas Gifts

I’ve already started my holiday shopping and found some great gifts from See’s candy. I recentlly had a chance to preview the new See’s Candy Fashion Island, which is near my home,  and let me tell you they have many great gift ideas for friends, neighbors and for hostess gifts.



See’s seriously makes the best chocolate. My favorite are the creams and they have so many varieties. The candy store was started by the See’s family and still uses some original recipes from Mary See.

See's Candy started with Mary SEe's candy recipes

See’s Candy started with Mary SEe’s candy recipes


Now there are over 200 stores and over 100 gift centers.   See’s offers some great chocolate boxes, but they also have a ton of nice gifts for neighbors, friends, babysitters, and just about anyone who loves chocolate.


There are so many choices…


See’s has been a favorite in my family for a long time. Remember, you can always get a free sample in their stores. Do you know taht they do not advertise? Thanat is because there is nothing better than word of mouth – literally.


See’s at Fashion Island Shopping Center
135 Newport Center Drive
Newport Beach, California 92660

Be sure to follokw See’s Candy on Facebook for exciting offers and news.


So those are my tidbits from my world. Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving? Did you go into a food coma and take a nap after like I did?



  1. The gratitude app is awesome.
    And I could write a whole novel on my relationship with See’s. As a kid, my great aunt would bring it to us every Christmas. I got quite the taste for it. When I lived in California, I couldn’t stay away from those shops and their samples! My husband would get me a custom box for every special occasion. He had one sent to me for my anniversary last year but it wasn’t the same when it’s shipped. Sad.
    Whenever we go to the west coast, we stock up!!

    • Oh how sweet that he made you a custom box Tamara! True there is a specialness with the fresh samples that can’t be beat. I hope you get one near you sometime.


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