Spring Cleaning – Magazine Organization

Magazine Clutter

Spring Cleaning is in full force at my house right now. I am always organizing, but there is something about spring that really makes me want to declutter every corner of the house. This week I was working on my magazines. I used to get really behind on my magazines, I mean months behind.

Magazine Clutter

But I did a few things to stop the cycle that I thought I would share with you.

Start Decluttering

Get rid of any magazines that are 3 months old or more. You may be afraid you might miss a good article, but chances are, you will see a similar article elsewhere or the article is available online. Magazines are timely so saving them in a pile most likely means they will never be touched again.

Donate the magazines to an assisted living home, hospital or pass them along to friends or relatives who might enjoy them. You can also recycle them.

If you are not reading them in a timely manner, schedule some time in your planner to read them. Put a couple in the car so that you can catch up on them when you are waiting in the school parking lot or while on your lunch break.

Retain What is Important

If there is an article or recipe idea you want to keep, tear the page out but try to resist keeping the entire magazine. I used to do this quite a bit, but now if I am looking for a recipe I do not have, I am more likely to turn to cooking blogs or Pinterest. With Pinterest, there are so many recipes available on the web that it is rare I see one in a magazine that I need to save.

Keep recipes and articles in a file or binder. Only save the ones you really want to try. If you are not sure, you can probably find a simple recipe on-line and consider pinning it instead.

Recipe File

Reduce the Number of Subscriptions

I used to subscribe to about 10 magazines and often, many of them had the same or similar articles. I would fall behind on reading all of them due to work, school, sports, etc… Now I have about 4 that I receive each month. (It used to be 3 and then HGTV came out with a magazine and since that is my favorite channel ever, I had to subscribe.)

With a manageable amount of subscriptions, I can read them when they are timely. No more looking at Turkey dressing recipes in January! Plus, there are so  many online articles now, that I spend more time looking at online magazines and blogs then I do hard copy magazines.

If you are behind  on your reading, you may want to unsubscribe to some. If you have trouble parting with a magazine, consider switching it to an electronic version. That way there is no waste of paper (and less clutter taking up precious space in your home). Once the magazines stop coming, you will not miss them as much as you think you will, trust me.

Storage Solutions

Find a storage home for the magazines you keep. When there are too many to fit into the storage, purge them. By allocating a small space, you will ensure that clutter will be reduced. Whether you decide on a magazine file, a basket or even stacked on a table, try to limit the storage size. File boxes also make great storage containers as they are the perfect size to keep magazines out of site. Reducing the clutter is so incredibly freeing.

Organizing Tips for Managing your magazines


For more organizing tips see:



Tax File Folders.jpg




How many paper magazine subscriptions do you have?


Celebrating with 365 Days of Baking and More


How are you all doing? I know that this is a super busy time of year. I have been organizing my Christmas shopping excursions and am just about ready to send out holiday cards. Christmas came fast this year with Thanksgiving being so late. As you may have noticed, I have also been busy with my blog designer.

Today I am celebrating with Lynne over at 365 Days of Baking and More.


Lynne is celebrating a milestone. A HUGE milestone. Her Facebook page has 386,000 fans! Isn’t that awesome! There are some really great prizes here, so if you have a few minutes to spare, you may want to enter. There is a winner for each prize, so there are more chances to win.

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Managing Your Craft Supplies

organizing craft supplies

organizing craft supplies

One of the best things about fall is that I love to craft. Something about the cooler weather and the holiday festivities just gets me in the mood to make more things. Over the years I have accumulated lots of craft supplies. I have been through periods of rubber stamping, jewelry making, scrapbooking, crocheting, ceramics, embossing and more.

I used to spend as much time collecting supplies that I spent actually doing the crafts. Isn’t it ironic that the items one purchases in a creative move can actually inhibit the creative skills needed to use them?

Several years (0k quite a few years) back I made some changes so that I would not feel so overwhelmed with all of the supplies.

I want to share these tips that helped me spend more time crafting and less time collecting:

Designate a space for supplies

If you are not lucky enough to have a craft room like me, designate a desk or cupboard or closet for craft items. Having a space that you can get to will make it easier to access. If they are stored deep in a closet or garage, they are more likely to stay there unused.


Store like crafts together

Store the supplies in containers by type of craft. By keeping like items together, you can pull out one box/basket with all your materials instead of digging through drawers and closets gathering stuff in preparation. Keep items you use often (like scissors, glue, etc…) in a basket or in a bucket for easy access and transport.

storing supplies

Limit the number of projects

More boxes just means more stuff beckoning at you so keep them at a manageable number. The number will vary depending on space, time, money and craft type. When we go on sites like Pinterest, we want to do all of the projects, but it is not realistic.

Craft supplies are like clothes. We tend to hold on the them thinking we are going to use them one day, but after a year or two, it is not likely. Pick the ones you really want to do and focus on those.

Donate or sell supplies you are not going to use. Schools, daycares and retirement homes will often be glad to take art materials off of your hands.


Schedule crafting time

KIds are not the only people over-scheduled. Parents are too! Schedule time to work on your projects. Call a friend and make a craft date. Or call several friends and make a recurring date and rotate the location. These sessions can be so much fun!

How do you store your craft supplies? What crafts do you love?


Mother’s Day Gifts – Organization Style

Mothers' Day Organizing Gifts.jpg.jpg

Mother’s Day is just about a week away, so today I am sharing some gift ideas that will help that special woman in your life stay organized.  Here are some relatively inexpensive gift ideas that will help with organization. They make great gifts for friends that want to be more organized.

Mothers' Day Organizing Gifts.jpg.jpg

  • Make up Organizer – This is great for many women. A place to keep all the make up neatly stored, off of the counter.  

 Make up case.jpg

  • Jewelry Organizer – There are so many great types of these: jewelry box, hanging organizers and dresser-top hangers come in a lot of different styles. They can be found at department and discount stores. This one has lots of little compartments to keep it all organized.

Jewelry Box


  • Travel bags – These are from ebags and are great for the traveler. They keep the clothing and accessories organized, while allowing the fabric to breathe. They come in different colored and patterned sets and can also be used for electronic, medication and souvenir storage.

Travel Bags.jpg


  • Sewing Organizer – This is from JoAnn’s fabrics and is the cutest thing ever. I like that it is easy to transport too, so supplies can be moved from room to room or elsewhere for crafting parties, etc. 


Sewing box.jpg


  • Desk Organizer – There are so many cute desk organizers that are available in office supply and craft stores. I use these in many rooms in my house and they really work.

 Desk Caddy.jpg


  •  Gardening kit – This can be put together simply with some gloves, garden utensils, seeds and a bird feeder. What is nice is that the container can be used to house the tools when not in use. 

Gardening Supplies.jpg


  • Budget System Wallet – I first saw this wallet from Sharon’s site at  Midlife Mom Musings.It is from Savvy Cents and has several different money compartments and comes with little labels so you can keep your budget system going.  So if you are using the envelope system or want to keep your weekly budget cash separate, it is the perfect solution. I think this is great for teens too as they learn to start budgeting.


  • Wallet.jpg


Can you think of other gifts for Moms that would help them stay organized?





Ten Tools for Organization

Index Cards.jpg

Today I am sharing with you my favorite tools for organizing my life. These are things I use in many ways so I am sharing my top ten items and some ways they help me organize.

My Favorite Organization Tools.jpg.jpg

1. Label Maker- Back in the day (I can’t believe I am saying that but it’s true), they had label makers that were strips of plastic and using a spinning dial, letters were punched into the film, and came out raised. At the time, it was a pretty cool gadget, but it only came in one font and took a while with the dial. Now these wonderful label maker come in all kinds of fonts and styles that make labeling folders and boxes a breeze. They are also great for labeling shelves, personal items and drawers.


2. Sticky Notes – I use these every day to jot down notes, ideas and reminders. They are also great because they are color coded and are moveable. The tiny ones are great to bookmark articles, recipes and notes.

3. Binders – You have heard me mention my household binder before, but I also use binders for my blog, my parents health information, school information, travel and recipes. Binders are a wonderful way to organize information that needs to be readily available.

Binders for Organizing.jpg

4. Folders – File folders are great for information that does not need to be within arms reach, but needs to be accessed at different times. They are also great for holding receipts, statements and tax information. I love the beautiful array of styles that they come in as well.

5. Storage Caddies – I have several of these in different areas of my home. Besides my household command center, I use them for crafts, pens, stationery and note cards.

paper clutter, paper management

6. Plastic Zippered Storage Bags – These are so useful for so much beyond food. They are great for travel, craft supplies, appliance accessories and souvenirs.

7. Photo and Shoe Boxes – I use shoe and photo boxes for gift baskets, organizing supplies and photos.

8. Smart Phone – Possibly the greatest invention in my lifetime (after the laptop computer) has allowed me to keep my to do lists, grocery lists, contact information, photos and notes all in one place. Honestly, how did we do it before these?


9. Index Cards – These are a great way to sort and log information. I use mine for organizing my blog contacts, recipes, cleaning schedules and as storage inventory logs.

Index Cards.jpg

10. Color Markers/Highlighters – I love color so I often write in different colors so that I can find my notes quickly.  I love markers and tend to have more than I need, but I use them a lot.

Do you use these items? What is your favorite organization tool?



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