Spring Cleaning Tips Family Style

Maybe to most people cleaning and fun don’t naturally go together, but honestly, I believe that cleaning can be fun, or at least the outcome of it. A clean and organized home can be wonderfully freeing! So here are some spring cleaning tips to help get everyone involved.



Tips on getting the entire family involved in the household cleaning. These tips can make tidying up actually fun!!Several people have asked me for some tips on getting the family to help with the cleaning and organization process. So, today I’m sharing some tips to continue on your spring cleaning with the help of your family. Our kids are out of the house now, but we often had cleaning sessions as family activities when the kids were younger. Here are a few spring cleaning tips on what worked at our home to get everyone involved.



  • Set specific times for everyone to chip in with cleaning the house and let family members know they are expected to participate. No one wants to hear they have to do something at the last minute, so give everyone a day or two notice.
  • Make a schedule and consider buddying up to complete tasks. If it is a big job, like cleaning the garage you may want to have everyone involved.
  • Put on some energizing music or let kids wear headphones if everyone has different tastes.
  • Place cardboard boxes or laundry baskets in the rooms with labels for 1) Trash 2) Donate 3) Elsewhere (for things that go somewhere else).


  • Be sure the tasks are age appropriate. Older kids should be able to help with deeper cleaning. Let the kids know what they’re expected to do and let them do it.
  • Be sure to ask the kids for ideas on how to improve the cleaning process, they may surprise you. Maybe they want different music or to make games out of it. Let them make the signs for the boxes. Getting them involved will allow them to buy into the process.
  • Make sure everybody has access to what they need – cleaning supplies, rags, windowa spray, dusters etc. It’s really hard if 3 people need the same item.
  • Take everyone out for a fun lunch or dinner (with dessert included) to reward yourself. Be sure to thank everyone for their assistance. Families can tend to forget to thank each other and take actions for granted. Even if something is expected, a thank you goes a long way.family-cleaning-together-activity

Does your family pitch in with cleaning activities? What tips would you add?



  1. I love the sketch of the smiling, happy cleaning family! Some good ideas here — especially the planning in advance part. My family doesn’t appreciate my melt downs right before company is coming 🙂

    • Thanks Susan, I drew that myself LOL. It really is easier when it is planned oh and I know that “company is coming” stress is not fun.

  2. I think telling my kids in advance about when we’ll clean the house is very important! I definitely feel better after we clean. 🙂

    • It is SUCH a great feeling once it is done. My kids always appreciated advanced notice, even if they were less than thrilled. 🙂

  3. Love the tips. I so agree about giving notice. Depending on the age of the kids, you may also have to do a little countdown.. I kind of see it like that countdown you do when you’re away somewhere (You know, “We’re going to leave in half an hour, 20 mins, 15 mins…”). Kids don’t like family cleaning sprung upon them, even if you given them a couple of days notice.

    With the younger kids, I often do a “I bet you can’t find me/ clean xyz before I count to 10” as well. It becomes a fun game, and they love beating mummy 😉

  4. I tried to leave a comment from my phone early this morning but it didn’t seem to take! Glad I’m checking back.
    Des is too young to really get it but Scarlet is very helpful. We do schedule family cleanup time and it’s still fun for her! I hope that lasts for awhile.
    I love the idea of a reward dinner or dessert!

  5. Great advice!

  6. I love that my 4 year old thinks doing dishes, vacuuming, dusting and switching the laundry is such grand fun! My goal is to keep it that way! I am totally going to give him more edifying notice! Great post!

  7. Great ideas! I love listening to music while I clean – it helps keep me going and energizes me! We try to plan cleaning times as a family- it is so hard with everyone’s schedule to coordinate everything, so planning ahead helps! Thank you for sharing!

  8. I really like your ideas. Especially the reward afterward. That makes it easier for all of us to get motivated!! 🙂
    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

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  10. We clean together as a family every Saturday. As I tell my girls, if we all work together it won’t take much time at all.

    I hope you can stop by:



  11. These are great tips. We have to make our 5-10 minute clean up sessions a regular weekly occurrence. Thank you for sharing what works for your family.


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