Six Simple Father’s Day Traditions to Start

A list of fun and memorable Father’s Day Traditions to start any year.


A list of six Father's Day Traditions that are fun for the family.Father’s Day is a great time to start a tradition with your family.  For our family, we started a tradition once our daughter was about three years old. Our favorite tradition is when the kids made their Dad breakfast in bed.  When they were young,  I helped a lot with the food prep, and when they got older, they did it all themselves. I think traditions are important in building and contributing to family memories. In this ever-changing world, it is the simple, expected things that can keep us grounded.

I thought I would share some other ideas that can easily be traditions to incorporate into a Father’s Day celebration for Dad, Grandpa, Uncles and other relatives:

Make Breakfast for Dad

This is a fun treat. Have the kids help prepare if old enough or decorate a table setting for Dad.  In our family, we always did breakfast in bed but it can also be served at the kitchen table.  I would suggest taking a picture of the breakfast and the kids, as it is fun to look at later.

Timeless Photo

Take a picture of the kids with a sign or photo of Dad or in a place that you hope  come back to in the future.  Why not just a photo? Because it is really special when you can take a picture in the same location at a time in the future and compare the changes in the scenery and the subjects.

Make a Handmade Gift

Gather the kids and make a one of a kind, handmade gift for Dad or Grandpa. These cute DIY Father’s Day gift ideas might give you some inspiration.

Go on A family outing

Take Dad to the park or beach and spend the day together. Other suggestions, if the budget allows, are a theme park or concert. Experiences together are so treasured and being together is something that all members of the family are likely to enjoy.

Poetry or Letter

Have the kid(s) write a poem or letter to their Dad.  You can keep them all in a folder or binder and add as the years go by.  It’s fun later to compare writing and sentiments.  Younger kids may need prompts to get started.

Make a Video

Take turns giving a 60 second thank you speech thanking Dad or Grandpa around the table before a meal.  Recall your a favorite moment or memory that you appreciate.  In this busy world, I know that sometimes we do not get the chance to verbally thank someone we care about enough in person.  If you cannot be with your father or Grandfather, then videotape the message and send it.

I think that the possibilities are endless to create a fun tradition and make it your family’s own.  Whether it is going on a picnic, playing cards or participating in a fun activitie, I think that creating a tradition helps a family develop a sense of unity and connection.   In this busy world, it is something simple and constant that can strengthen family bonds.

Does your family have a Father’s Day tradition?


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  1. I really love the video idea and we have never done that! So thank you!
    Breakfast is a real must. Cassidy’s favorite meal.

  2. These traditions are so sweet! Love the idea of the timeless photo 🙂

  3. I love SO many of these ideas Raquel!!


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