Shopping for School Supplies

This weekend I was noticing that all the Back To School sales are in progress.  Another reminder of how quickly the summer goes by! I have some tips on maximizing value while shopping for school supplies.

Even though my kids now buy their own school supplies, I like to shop several things at these sales for organization at home:

  • Binders – I love these, they are great for storing and organizing recipes, finances, articles etc.  I also use them for to go menus, school, sports and club information, and vacation planning.
  • Highlighters – I still like to read actual books and use them to highlight business books.  They are great for highlighting articles, dates on newsletters, invitations, and calendars.
  • Binder clips – these are super for sealing chip bags, organizing electronic cords and bill paying.
  • Pens & Markers – I love to use different color markers in my planner for different activities.  These also make great gifts with a journal or notecards, so I like to stock up.
  • Composition Books – I used these to keep notes on a subject.  I have one that I use to log house repairs and another for car maintenance.   They also make journals and are nice gifts when decorated.
  • Flash drives – these I use to keep copies of my digital photos.   I like to keep my back up photos on these by season.  Some of the inexpensive ones will not hold as much, so I buy several.
  • Crayons, glue, paints and scissors  – these are great to buy now and to make gift baskets for birthdays, holidays and favors.  The prices are super low and they always come in handy.   These also are ideal items to donate to schools, camps, churches and shelters.

What supplies are you picking up for organizing? I would love to hear from you!


  1. At this point, we are still stocking up on all the supplies my girls need to head back to school, but I usually can’t resist picking up good pens for myself! 😉

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog for my SITS Day. I absolutely love Janet Evanovich and everything she has ever written. I just finished that book late last night (read it in a day…cause she just hooks me and I don’t want to stop reading). I hope you have a fab week!!

  3. Looking for school supplies is fun. The colorful pocket folders are so fun to look at.

  4. anotherjenb says:

    I don’t want to think about summer being over yet! But, I do love to shop for supplies. I’m all about cute containers to hold said school supplies. 🙂

  5. pruningprincesses says:

    I love the idea of using flashdrives as back up photo storage. Thanks for the great idea.


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