Scheduling Downtime During Summer

Are you having a restful summer?  I am hearing from many of my friends that summer is going by so fast and that they are needing a break.  I think a lot of women tend to overbook themselves.  We are used to multitasking so we fill our day with activities and duties and at the end of the day, we are exhausted.

I find that scheduling down time during the day really helps me have the time to contemplate and enjoy the moment.  So here are a few things that I would like to share with you, that have helped me chill out over the years:

  • Wake up 30 minutes before you usually do (I know it is summer, but the quiet moment will help you think clearly)
  • Take time out every day to pray, meditate or just be (with the computer, phone, ipad, TV, etc. out of site)
  • Do not schedule appointments one day a week while the kids are at camp, VBS, summer school etc.  – leave a day wide open to do something spontaneous
  • Pack a dinner, or pick up something and go eat it at the park or beach and enjoy the outdoors in the evening when it is cooler
  • Write – a post or diary entry or letter to your kids, talking about what is going on in your lives this summer (you will find that summers blend together over the years and trust me, this will help preserve your memories)
  • Schedule down time for your kids too!  If they will not nap, encourage them to read a book or draw without the TV or computer on for a set period of time.

I would love to hear what you do to savor the summer.  Please share with me and have a wonderful and restful day!


  1. Visiting from the Aloha Friday blog hop! This summer seems to be flying right by!!! I can’t believe it’s almost August. It’s sad to see it go by so fast. My family has certainly been pretty busy but also try to schedule down time, especially during the weekend.


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