Organizing A Super Bowl Party

Hi Everyone! I am in the process of planning our Super Bowl Party.  We have hosted Superbowl parties many times so I thought I would share my tips for organizing a Super Bowl Party with you.  Even if you are not interested in the game, it is a nice excuse to get together with friends and family.

Organizing A Superbowl Party

Guest List – You want to ensure that everyone that you invite can see the game, so you will want to consider that when you plan your guest list. You may want to move TV’s in your house (if your cable/network allows) so that there are additional viewing areas.

Decorations –  There are tons of ideas online, but it is ok to keep it simple too.  You can go with a green and white football theme or go with the colors of the teams playing this year.  If you do not have a green tablecloth, you can make a runner out of some green felt and white tape.  You can download football clip art and team logos from clip art websites and hang then up around your table.

Menu – This is the fun part.  The Super Bowl is a great excuse for a potluck. Appetizers and finger food are great because grazing goes really well with a football game. A buffet set up works best and I usually like to include sandwiches and individual serving options. I also include raw vegetables, cheese and nuts to the menu as well.  For recipe ideas, including the ones pictured here, check out the Recipe File.


If you put out nuts or small candies, be sure to put out serving cups or spoons so that people are not digging their hands into the bowls. I love my friends, but this is flu season after all, and germs are something we do not want to be sharing.

This is not the time to serve bright red fruit punch. Accidents are more likely to happen at these type of viewing parties. Put breakable items in arms reach away for the day.

Baked Chorizo Dip from Organized Island

Contests You can make the day more fun with some games.  You can hold a contest for the person who guesses the final score (without going over), wins a score-based football pool, or wins a Super Bowl trivia game that you developed before the party.  A small prize can go to the winner.

Activities For the kids, you may want to enlist the help of some older kids to help coordinate some activities for the children that may not be interested in the ball game for more than 5 minutes.  Setting up some activities, movies or game centers will help to provide the younger crowd entertainment.



Are you hosting or going to a Super Bowl party this year?




  1. This is going to sound horrible but I don’t have any idea when it is this year ~ I’m assuming it’s tomorrow ~ and I don’t even know who is playing.

    My nose is in a school book to much it seems. 🙂

    • Organizedisland says:

      Laura, it’s not until 2/3 so you are ok. 🙂 studies are important and it’s just a game . Stay focused – you are doing great!

  2. Just a small one – there will be 8 of us and all are family. I’m planning to have lots of finger foods. I hadn’t actually thought about having sandwiches, too. I think I’ll add those to my menu. And I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have a few decorations. My daughter’s mother-in-law had an Academy Awards party last year and she had some really cool decorations. It did make it more fun.

    Thanks for the inspiration. Visiting from SITS.

    • Organizedisland says:

      Patty, Thank you for your sweet comment. A small, intimate gathering is nice – enjoy!

  3. Luckily, I’m going to a superbowl party this year, but it seems like so much fun (ie. work) to host one. Love your ideas! Stopping by from the SITS Sharefest. I’d love for you to stop by and say hi if you get the chance. Have a great weekend!

    Diary of a Debutante

  4. I used to throw Super Bowl parties for people who don’t watch football (we watched the commercials, and talked during the game). One year I made a big pot of chili, which was a hit. The next year I made salmon pasta, which was a disaster. Fortunately I followed it up with make-your-own brownie sundaes with homemade hot fudge sauce, and I’m pretty sure that made a more lasting impression than the pasta.

  5. These are FUN ideas!! Love the idea of contests too. And thanks for the reminder to put a spoon in the dip – the flu is rampant!

  6. This is one well thought out super bowl party. Here I thought I was doing good by simply agreeing to watch it with my husband. I even considered buying him a 12-pack. I can’t let him see your post or he’ll think I’m slacking…lol. Andrea @ visiting from SITS. #sharefest

  7. oooh, I want to see what kind of goodies you’ll be making for the big day =)

    • Organizedisland says:

      I am putting together the menu now. Balancing healthy and a few not so healthy but tasty items 🙂

  8. I havent even put a menu together yet-I better get going! Stopping by from SITS. : )

  9. Hi Raquel, Great advice! We’re hosting a neighborhood Super Bowl party and I got a lot of great ideas from your post. I want to dive into your recipe file and see how you made those adorable football brownies!

    Thanks for sharing this helpful information.

    (Your CommentLuv doesn’t seem to be working.)

  10. Great tips! We host every year. Still trying to finalize my menu!

  11. I need an invite to your Superbowl party. I have never been to one this organized and sound as fun. Usually there is food in one corner, drinks in the other and a huge TV for everyone to scream at. I guess this is perfect for the men… lacks luster to us non football watchers.

    Sits Girls

  12. Awesome tips, I think those could apply to any party!

  13. We don’t usually have a party, per se; but we do use the Super Bowl as an excuse to eat appetizers and finger foods for dinner. The kids love it, and last year the Super Bowl was on Daddy’s birthday *and* his team won! Can’t get any better than that!

    • Organizedisland says:

      Oh that is awesome! Yes, having your family around the TV qualifies as a party in my book!

  14. Great tips, especially providing spoons for nuts etc. It’s important to be careful. Being Canadian, we watch the Grey Cup, but those football cookies make me want to throw a Superbowl party too! Super cute!

  15. These are great ideas! I am so glad I found you on the Semi Homemade link party!!

  16. I use to host a ton of these… for me it was all about the food.. what things could we serve up that day and get creative.. Appetizers, Dips, Fast and Easy… had fun with that… for the guys: it was all about the football… =)

    Enjoy your weekend!


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