In the Kitchen with Eva Longoria and LG

Last weekend and I had an awesome opportunity to join Eva Longoria and guests at the Washbow in Culver City, California for the LG Electronics Fam to Table event.


Eva Longoria’s Fam to Table Event

Eva hosted the event in conjunction with LG Electronics, to introduce the new LG ProBake Range collection. This collection is the newest addition to LG’s suite of cooking appliances for home cooks and the new design incorporates convection technology found in commercial-grade ovens.
The family event had something for everyone and it was like being in the kitchen with Eva Longoria! There were stations for families to make their own pizza, decorate cookies and create pasta.
For the grownups there were demos on food preparation and cake decorating.
  LG-probake-oven cake-decorating

What a party! Of course it is not a party without food and drink! Menu selections were from Eva’s nearby restaurant, Beso.

Baby Mixed-Leaf Kale Salad from Beso

Baby Mixed-Leaf Kale Salad from Beso



The flat breads were flavorful and delicious.and the Kale salad was wonderful! Oh and the watermelon cooler was very refreshing and tasty on this particular warm summer day!

LG ProBake Range  

We learned that the new LG ProBake Range offers such features as optimum air flow circulation, an EasyClean™ system that reduces the time for preheating, and a seriously beautiful and stylish design. LG’s ProBake Range collection will be available next month.
I also learned some great cooking tips from the chefs at the event. Here are a few:
  • Use a paint scraper from the hardware store to help smooth cakes when decorating (Isn’t that cool?)



  • When browning the top of a casserole with bread crumbs in the broiler, the rack should be 6″ below the broiler element.
  • Leave space around pans and the sides to facilitate better air flow in the oven.
  • When making angel food cake from a box, using a whisk attachment on your mixer can increase the volume of a finished cake.
Eva also took some time to bake us some pan de polvo cookies. 

You can find the recipe for the best cookies in her cookbook, Eva’s Kitchen.


There were also some celebrity friends in attendance including Tori Spelling, Jessi Metcalf and Lou Diamond Phillips (who sat with his family right across from us at the table)! There was also a special bake sale to benefit  No Kid Hungry, an initiative to help kids struggling with hunger in the continental US.

It was a fun and memorable event and I would like to thank LG Electronics and Eva Longoria for the invitation.
Just for fun, do you know what the LG in LG Electronics stands for?


  1. I forgot that Eva owns a restaurant! This must have been such a fun experience for you! 🙂

  2. What an exciting event. This is some of the best looking food ever. And that cake! Whoa!!

    • It was really exciting and fun to see all the celebrities and families in person. Plus those ranges look amazing! It’s my dream to have a real cooks stove.

  3. How fun! The paint scraper is a great tip 🙂


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