Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Today is the last day of summer.  This year Southern California has been very true to summer.  We have had many warm days.  As much as I love summer, I am ready for fall.  I have done some fall decorating, and recently, I participated in the Goodbye Summer Hello Fall swap hosted by The Vintage Modern Wife.


My assigned partner is Myranda and her blog is PrettyLivingPDX.  Myranda is a sweet and funny person (her story on the lost dog had me laughing out loud).  Anyway, I wanted to share the sweet things she sent to me in preparation of fall.

First she sent me this adorable red mug with some tasty cocoa mix,

hot drinks

Then there was some orange mango-ade.  How she know I love mango, I don’t know. I had to share this with my hubby because he found it in the fridge.  It was delicious!

And then she gave me some cute nail polishand spa supplies for the relaxing in the tub.  Ahhhh!

Thank you Myranda! I had fun being your partner ! I hope you have a wonderful fall season!



  1. I so need to get out my fall stuff! I’m still looking at my Labor Day stuff. Haha! Looks yummy!

  2. Awesome. I want to participate in one of those sometimes =) They look like a ton of fun!


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