Book Review: Mind Body Home

Mind Body Home

This weekend I had a chance to catch up on some of my reading. I love reading books and recently I was given a copy of Mind Body Home by Tisha Morris, to review. Tisha Morris is a Feng Shui consultant, interior designer, a certified life coach and yoga instructor.  In this book, Tisha explains what Feng Shui is, and comprehensively discusses the art and how it relates to our home and our life.

Mind Body Home Book Review

Feng Shui lierally means “wind” and “water” in Chinese.   The art and study of Feng Shui has been around for thousands of years and while I was somewhat familar with its background, Tisha Morris does a fantastic job of covering the history, principles, and effect that positive and negative chi (energy) can have on a home and your personal being.

Things such as the placement of furniture and objects as well as the number of furniture pieces you have in a room, all affects the flow of energy. I can certainly relate to that. I have been in many homes where one can feel almost suffocated by the clutter. I know some people who never use some of their furniture, because there is so much stuff taking over that pieces that act as a long term holding bin instead of its original intended purpose.

Tisha explains how all these things interact with energy flow. She discusses many facets of Feng Shui including:

  • how to map your room based on Feng Shui principles
  • how negative energy can affect us
  • solutions to remedy negative energy
  • why we hang on to things that result in clutter

She also discusses how the flow of your home relates to your success in your personal, professional and financial life. The book gave me some great ideas on some changes I want to make in my home, including replacing my current stove top, and redesigning my front entry.

I also enjoyed Tisha’s explanation of the significance structural components and outside features of a home in relation to Feng  Shui. If you are interested in learning more about on Feng Shui or ever wanted to know more about it, I highly recommend this book. It is very thorough on the subject, in a manner that is easy to understand and implement.

Mind Body Home educates us on the energetic connection made between you and your home. It offers an easy down to earth way of creating a holistic home that transforms us into a new way of healthy and positive living. Whether making a life change or simply starting over, it will improve the stability of one’s health, relationships, and promotes positive growth and prosperity. Tisha uses Feng Shui methods to connect every aspect of the home, from the foundation to the roof, to the physical and mental state of the mind and body.

Mind Body Home is available for purchase on But one of my lucky readers will win a copy, provided by the publisher. To enter for a chance to win, use the Rafflecopter below.

For more information on Tisha Morris and Mind Body Home, please visit  All opinions are my own. To enter to win a copy, leave a comment with the name of the last good book you read. This giveaway is open to US Residents only, 18 and over.   Good Luck!


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My Word for 2014 – Priorities

Priority Definition


Do you have a word for 2014? My word last year was “embrace”. I did embrace many things in life and stepped out of my comfort zone at times. I did this in my personal and professional life. It felt amazing to activly support changes and grow.

In early 2013, I decided I wanted to discover Google Plus, so I made a profile with my photo and name which was not something I was immediately comfortable with, but I decided to embrace it and do it. I read several tutorials and articles on navigation of the (relatively) new social site. I joined some great communities and attended Google Hangouts. I learned a ton about Google+ and made many great friends along the way.

I also embraced the opportunities to educate myself in the areas of SEO, back links and affiliate advertising. In my personal life, I embraced the time with my parents, who are having health problems and are slowly needing more assistance with living each week.

So when I was asked what my word was for this year, I was not quite ready to let go of “embrace”. But there are so many things that I need to do to reach my goals. So my word for 2014 is “priorities”. It is all about setting them and adhering to them so that I am not wasting time on things that do not support my goals. But it is also about making time for things like family, friends, relaxation and education.

Priority Definition

Do you ever feel that you are not prioritizing in ways that support your goals? Do you have a word for 2014?





Goal Setting for 2014 – Free Printable


Happy New Year! You know what I like best about this time of year? It’s a great time to revisit and renew my goals from the previous year. While I do not make new years resolutions, I do like to revisit goals at the beginning of the year, in fact, I usually check on them once a quarter. Goals should be measurable, so that you some control over these goals. Utilizing the SMART system can help. I keep a copy of my goals in my daily planner.


Goal Setting for 2014 Free Printable

I wanted to share my goal setting sheet with you so I made a printable. The  5 1/2″ x 8″ Goal Setting sheet can be printed and hole-punched to fit into your day planner. I like to use separate pages for my blog and for my personal life. I try to limit my goals to five or less in each area, because too many is like a long to do list. A long list will become too difficult to achieve and will end up in discouragement and feelings of anxiety.


This printable is designed to not only to allow you to list your goal, but to also indicate why you have that goal. This will help you in truly defining what you are trying to achieve.  So for me, I would like to lose 5 pounds by the beginning of June. By listing why I want to achieve this, it helps to remind me that I do not want to just lose a few pounds, I want to feel more energized and establish exercise habits to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Putting the reason in writing may also help to determine if it is really a goal, or just a want.

Measurement of Goals

The measurement section is where to quantify the goal. Some goals are easy to list in numbers, such as weight, sales, pageviews, etc. Others not so much. You may have to be creative if the goal is related to emotions or feelings. Sometimes a meter system can help with these types of goals.

Tracking Your Goals

Finally, indicate how you plan to track your goal. Using the weight loss example, I might measure it be a scale or measuring tape. But that is not what is intended under tracking. What I use this space for, is to indicate specifically how I will track the goal regularly. So with the weight loss scenario, I might say I will weigh myself every Sunday and then I schedule it on my calendar each Sunday. Will you check on your goal each week? Each month? If you do not schedule a tracking date, it probably will not happen. It helps not to be too hard on yourself and allow yourself some time to develop habits to help you achieve your goals. You can always narrow or widen the tracking time.

If anyone would like a larger version of this (8 1/2″ x 11″), please leave a note in the comments.

To Download your goal sheet, click here => My-Goal-Planner 8.5 x 5.5

There are two sheets per page and once you hole punch them, they fit into your planner nicely.



What is one of your goals for 2014?


Predicting Your Future – Goal Setting for 2014

Goal Setting Tips from Organized Island

Goal Setting Tips from Organized Island

This time of year is a great time to look at your goals for next year. While you may be busy in holiday happenings, it can be theraputic to reflect on things that you would like to accomplish next year. Goal setting can seem overwhelming, but once you wrap your arms around them and incorporate them into your routine, they will become more manageable and achievable.

The most popular model for goal-setting these days are SMART goals as defined by Peter Drucker. Peter Drucker was a management consultant, author and strategist, who developed these guidelines. He was a productivity guru and when I was a productivity manager, his teachings were the basis of our measurement and efficiency models. The models have also been used in education and personal goal setting.

Specific – Make the goal specific. A goal such as “I want to drop a dress size” is better than, “I want to lose weight”.

Measurable - An example might be, I want to grow my savings by 10%.

Attainable – The goals must be achievable. If you have the drive for success, that is awesome, but you have to ensure that the goal is something that can truly be met. If not, it will be discouraging and will result in frustration.

Relevant – Are the goals realistic? Realistic goals will help increase your motivation. If you have ever felt overwhelmed or as if you are going in different directions, you may need to rethink what you are trying to accomplish.

Time Related – Set deadlines. If you want to grow assets, lose weight, increase blog followers, you have to give yourself timelines. Even if you do not meet them (and you will not always because of uncertainty of life), setting time constraints will help you adjust your perspective and ultimately, reach your goal.

I am posting this now, because with the business of the season, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and maybe even at times, unmotivated. When we have so many things that we think we need to do, we can feel like we are not progressing. So if you are feeling overwhelmed, step away and take a few minutes to think about where you want to go. With the right map, you will be on your way.

Have you started goal-setting for 2014?



A Visit with Laura from Super Sweet Life

Huge Printable Set Giveaway
As you know, I am a serious list-maker. I use lists everyday, because they help me stay organized and meet my weekly goals. I love to write, so the majority of my lists are on paper.
I make a lot of my planning  and tracking documents in Word or Excel and also use post it notes, which is great, but not especially motivating….until one day I met Laura. I “met” her as  part of her 31 days of printables,  when she made me this so that I could record my social media shares:
Weekly Social Media Planning Page
It was so pretty and colorful that I did not want to even write on it at first. It was printable love at first site.
I wanted to share with all of you her amazing printables that she sells on Etsy. I will let Laura explain why she started her shop….


Super Sweet Life is all about organizing. I believe organizational systems should be functional, yet beautiful so you’re motivated to keep them up. I also share lots of free printables. My shop offers beautiful vinyl labels, printable planning sheets, and complete planners – everything you need to get organized. We are all super busy these days, so keeping organized is a real time saver. 

Super Simple Sweet Life
About the printable set:
Forget drab and boring. Part of having a sweet life is feeling inspired, motivated, and excited for the challenges ahead.
Why expect anything less from the one thing designed to keep you on track?
I spent ages looking for the ideal system to organize my life. Frustrated. Annoyed. Tired.
By the end, I was all these things. No one planner had all the tools I needed.
So, I decided to create my own. I wanted something entirely customizable while being totally gorgeous.

Huge Printable Set Giveaway

This is a set of over 61 pages to make planning easier and more fun. All the writing areas are lightly lined, to keep your planner neat. There is a beautiful cohesive color scheme and design used throughout the pages. You can print these out and use them as many times as you would like. You can put them all together in a binder to create your own planner or simply use them one at at a time.

Pretty cool right? They really are gorgeous.

Here is the best part! Laura is giving away a set of these printables for one lucky Organized Island reader! This is amazing folks and is valued at $33.

And that’s not all!

She is also giving the lucky winner a set of Spice Jar Labels (value $18), so the winner gets both! So a big thank you to Laura for providing this prize. Be sure to check out her shop for all the cute designs she has available for immediate downloads.

This contest is open to US Residents, 18 years and older.  

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