Goal Setting Planner Template


This Goal Setting Planner Template is what I use when making my goals for the year. I changed it a bit from last year, because I wanted to be able to list goals in different areas of my life. I set goals for my personal life, my finances, my health and even for travel.

I used an excel spreadsheet to make a format that worked for me.


First, I list the different areas that I want to improve and these help me in many ways. I find that by putting my goals in writing, it actually makes me more accountable. It also helps in decision-making, prioritizing and in calendar planning.

As I have mentioned before, it is important that goals are SMART:

S = Specific

M = Measurable

A = Attainable

R = Relevant

T = Time Related

You can find more about the  SMART system here.

Here is an example of how I set up my planning sheet. I will have different sections and below, I will set and organize my goals. For example, under Finance, I want to save $200 over by the middle of the year. I use the column on the right, when I have scheduled a routine or process that will help me meet each goal. The Due column is a self-imposed deadline for meeting my goal.


I keep a copy in my planner. The same sheet can be used for 5 year goals or even monthly goals. It really makes a difference in your life when you write them down and commit to what you want to achieve.

Free Printable Goal Setting Form  ==> goals (1).pdf

What is one goal you have set for yourself this year?



Choosing A Word of the Year


Happy New Year! When I first heard that people were choosing a word for each new year a few years ago, I was intrigued. I have to say I like the idea of selecting a word to describe something I want to achieve or improve upon for the coming year. I do not make resolutions, but I do set goals at the beginning of each year.


I am a work in progress and always will be as I believe there is always room for improvement of one’s self. So I like the idea of choosing a word as an area to focus on in the coming year.

I could easily have picked out organize for my word of the year, but I feel that would be too easy for me. So instead I looked at other things I hold dear to my heart including gratitude, travel, inspire and faith. I start each day with gratitude and even use an gratitude app to remind me, and 2014 was an amazing year of travel for me due to my word from 2013 which was embrace. I embraced nearly every opportunity for travel last year and was lucky to be able to do quite a bit of it.

My Word of the Year

I love to inspire others, but that is hard to measure. Faith is something that deserves so much more than a word for me, so after thinking about it for a few days, I decided on my word for 2015.



Merriam-Webster defines simplify as to make (something) easy to do or understand.

Yes! That is something I would not only like to do, but to share with you as I strive for simplicity in areas of my life.

Will you be choosing a word of the year?



Holiday Shopping Planning with Intel 2 in 1


Have you started your holiday gift shopping? This is one of the busiest times of year for many people, myself includeld. With Christmas coming in about a month, I have to have systems in plalce to help me stay organizied during the holidays. I have found with a little planning and mutli-tasking, I can approach the holidays with less stress and anxiety. I am an inherent planner so I have lists for lots of things and wanted to share one with you today. Thanks to Intel 2 in 1 for sponsoring this post.

Holiday Shopping Planning

The first thing I do is make a budget of what I want to spend on gifts for the holidays. Next I make a list of people I want to give a gift. By listing all the recipients and estimating costs, it helps me determine what I can spend on each person. I made this Gift Shopping List Printable on my new 2 in 1 (I will share more about that in a minute), to help you form your shopping list and most importantly, stay within your budget. It will also help to ensure that you do not forget anyone on your list. By looking at your complete list, you can make adjustments like I do. When I do not have a list, I tend to overbuy and overspend.



 You can download the printable here ====>     Christmas shopping list printable

Using My 2 in 1 for Shopping

Another way I simplified my holiday shopping is by collecting gift ideas online. I bookmark items so I can find them later when I am ready to make a purchase.

I have to tell you how much my new Intel 2 in 1  helps me with my holiday shopping and planning. It functions like a laptop and a tablet on the same device. The screen is detachable from the keyboard, allowing for me to surf the web on a tablet, when it is convenient. The versatility allows me to accomplish more tasks with the same device.

I made this printable on it with the keyboard attached and then a few minutes later, used as a tablet it to shop online for gifts.



So convenient and it is so thin and light that I can take it with me anywhere (it weighs less than 3 pounds). It also helps me in the kitchen, but I will save that for another day.

Once I have all my holiday shopping done, I total the expenses and file the list in my Christmas file so I can refer to it next year. I also put any money that I did not spend from my holiday budget into the bank for next year. With a little planning, the gift-gifving process can actually be fun!


Do you make a gift sgiving list or do you shop


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Book Review: Mind Body Home

Mind Body Home

This weekend I had a chance to catch up on some of my reading. I love reading books and recently I was given a copy of Mind Body Home by Tisha Morris, to review. Tisha Morris is a Feng Shui consultant, interior designer, a certified life coach and yoga instructor.  In this book, Tisha explains what Feng Shui is, and comprehensively discusses the art and how it relates to our home and our life.

Mind Body Home Book Review

Feng Shui lierally means “wind” and “water” in Chinese.   The art and study of Feng Shui has been around for thousands of years and while I was somewhat familar with its background, Tisha Morris does a fantastic job of covering the history, principles, and effect that positive and negative chi (energy) can have on a home and your personal being.

Things such as the placement of furniture and objects as well as the number of furniture pieces you have in a room, all affects the flow of energy. I can certainly relate to that. I have been in many homes where one can feel almost suffocated by the clutter. I know some people who never use some of their furniture, because there is so much stuff taking over that pieces that act as a long term holding bin instead of its original intended purpose.

Tisha explains how all these things interact with energy flow. She discusses many facets of Feng Shui including:

  • how to map your room based on Feng Shui principles
  • how negative energy can affect us
  • solutions to remedy negative energy
  • why we hang on to things that result in clutter

She also discusses how the flow of your home relates to your success in your personal, professional and financial life. The book gave me some great ideas on some changes I want to make in my home, including replacing my current stove top, and redesigning my front entry.

I also enjoyed Tisha’s explanation of the significance structural components and outside features of a home in relation to Feng  Shui. If you are interested in learning more about on Feng Shui or ever wanted to know more about it, I highly recommend this book. It is very thorough on the subject, in a manner that is easy to understand and implement.

Mind Body Home educates us on the energetic connection made between you and your home. It offers an easy down to earth way of creating a holistic home that transforms us into a new way of healthy and positive living. Whether making a life change or simply starting over, it will improve the stability of one’s health, relationships, and promotes positive growth and prosperity. Tisha uses Feng Shui methods to connect every aspect of the home, from the foundation to the roof, to the physical and mental state of the mind and body.

Mind Body Home is available for purchase on www.amazon.com. But one of my lucky readers will win a copy, provided by the publisher. To enter for a chance to win, use the Rafflecopter below.

For more information on Tisha Morris and Mind Body Home, please visit www.TishaMorris.com.  All opinions are my own. To enter to win a copy, leave a comment with the name of the last good book you read. This giveaway is open to US Residents only, 18 and over.   Good Luck!


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My Word for 2014 – Priorities

Priority Definition


Do you have a word for 2014? My word last year was “embrace”. I did embrace many things in life and stepped out of my comfort zone at times. I did this in my personal and professional life. It felt amazing to activly support changes and grow.

In early 2013, I decided I wanted to discover Google Plus, so I made a profile with my photo and name which was not something I was immediately comfortable with, but I decided to embrace it and do it. I read several tutorials and articles on navigation of the (relatively) new social site. I joined some great communities and attended Google Hangouts. I learned a ton about Google+ and made many great friends along the way.

I also embraced the opportunities to educate myself in the areas of SEO, back links and affiliate advertising. In my personal life, I embraced the time with my parents, who are having health problems and are slowly needing more assistance with living each week.

So when I was asked what my word was for this year, I was not quite ready to let go of “embrace”. But there are so many things that I need to do to reach my goals. So my word for 2014 is “priorities”. It is all about setting them and adhering to them so that I am not wasting time on things that do not support my goals. But it is also about making time for things like family, friends, relaxation and education.

Priority Definition

Do you ever feel that you are not prioritizing in ways that support your goals? Do you have a word for 2014?






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