Brunch Fun at KayNDaves

On a beautiful Sunday I had the opportunity to attend a tasting one of LA’s hottest spots for brunch, Kayndaves. Located in Culver City, this gem of a Mexican cantina was a warm and welcoming way to spend an afternoon. We were seated in a nice spot on the Kayndaves patio in the back at the fire table, which was great for people watching and southern California weather basking, yes, even in January.

Check out Kay N Daves for a fabulous brunch in Los Angeles!

Brunch Beginnings at KayNDaves

I had to try the wonderful margaritas I had heard so much about and two I loved were the Blackberry Margarita, a delightfully fruity and refreshing start to the day, and the Tamarind Margarita, which was bold, tangy and smokey, rimmed with chili.

Best Los Angeles brunch location in Culver City

For starters we had the Mini Piblo Sope (cochintina pork pibil oven roasted in banana leaves), the Squash Blossom Relleno (blossoms, pico de gallo, creama, cheese and herbs) , the Ceviche Tostada (sole marinated in fresh lime juice) and the Mini Chicken Mole taco (Mole Negro made from scratch and my personal favorite)

Kay and Daves starters-for-brunch


A tasty start to the morning and beautifully prepared. Next, I tried the Chiliquiles Verdes were nicely served in a personal cast iron skillet. I love chiliquiles, by the way. If you have never tried them they are sort of like a breakfast version of nachos.

Crunchy tortilla chips nestled under a tasty Tomatillo salsa served elegantly with pico de gallo, avocado slices and of course, a fried egg on top, dusted with Cojita incredibly good.

Chiliquiles Verdes

Just when I thought brunch could not get any better, they brought out the Molcajete in an actual molcajete like the kind my mother and grandmother used to make chili.

The Molcajete is made with grilled steak, shrimp and grilled chicken in Guajillo Sauce was actually still bubbling when it was served. This dish was as tasty as it was beautiful.


The Molcajete at Kay N Daves is wonderful!

The meal was outstanding but I could not leave without trying the Banana Flautas, the Coconut crusted Fried Ice cream and the Tres Leche cake.



All were amazing and I could not pick a favorite as they were all that good.

Oh and did I mention that Kayndaves serves a Mexican hot chocolate that is available hot or iced?

I had the iced version and what a great way to end a fabulous brunch in Los Angeles.

Kay N Daves Los Angeles Mexican-hot-chocolate-cold

Seriously, if you are in LA  or around the Culver City area, you will want to make a stop at KayNDaves. If you are in a nearby county like I am, it is worth the drive. I visited the Culver City location but there are also cantinas in Brentwood and Pacific Palisades.

KaynDaves Background

Kayndaves begun in 1991. Dave and Jintana bought a Mexican cantina on PCH and soon opened three other locations. They run the cantina with the help of chef Alejo Grijalva and his brothers, Ruben and Roberto. They grew up in Oaxaca, Mexico on their great grandmother’s farm. Together they carry their grandmother’s tradition of using only fresh ingredients and making everything from scratch at Kayndaves.



The staff at Kayndaves are friendly and caring. If you are looking for a relaxing and warm place in LA to enjoy a tasty Mexican brunch, I recommend Kayndaves. I look forward to returning soon and might not wait for a Sunday. Check out their events and happy hour happenings too!


9341 Culver Boulevard

Culver City, CA 90232






  1. Oh my. I want everything on there! Brunch is so versatile and my hunger is fierce during the early part of the day.


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