Beach Ready

This weekend we are heading to the beach for some rest and relaxation.  I do not want beach preparation to take too much time.  So each season, I will rearrange my hall closet so that many of the items that we will need for outdoor fun for that season, are kept together.  For example, during summer I will store the following items together:

  • beach tote bag
  • sunscreen
  • goggles
  • Ziplock bags (for wet clothing)
  • beach towels
  • cleansing wipes
  • hats
  • frisbee

I usually keep chapstick, a magazine and small items in the tote bag.  I also keep a baggie of quarters in the bag as well for the parking meters.  This way all we have to do is grab the cooler, sunglasses and some snacks and go.  When we come back from our outing, the bag gets emptied and wiped down and then is restocked.

Having the items ready to go allows for more spontaneity, saves me time and makes it easier to remember all the details so that I can enjoy the activity sooner!   Do you have tips that you use to “get out the door” quicker? I would love to hear them!


  1. I admire organized people like you (and my hubby) so much!!! it’s something I don’t have… I mean… I am organized … I’ve forced myself to be… but it doesn’t come natural… it takes me forever… I don’t enjoy it (although I enjoy the results from it) …. I never know where to begin, where to end… ugh! too frustrating! 🙂 … So… enjoy the beach!!! You deserve it! Relax and take pics too if you can 😀

  2. Great idea! I pack the night before- minus the cooler!

  3. I wish we had a beach nearby to utilize these tips! I will modify these tips for ski season – I believe this will work beautifully (and I’ll minimize the chance of forgetting something important – like gloves, goggles or helmets!)

  4. {Kathy} May I add an item to your stash? I lived near the beaches of beautiful Destin, Florida growing up and still use a few time-honored tips. Back to to item: BABY POWDER OR CORNSTARCH FROM THE PANTRY. When applied after a beach day to the skin, it absorbs the moisture from the water and oily residue from sunscreen to make sand slip away.

  5. I’m hoping that I can get everything in my house organized! Have fun at the beach, sounds fabulous right now!! Thanks for stopping by!


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