Attending BlogHer from Afar

So for my blogging friends, many of you are going to BlogHer very soon!  I am so excited for all of you and I am going to be watching and following like an Olympic fan.

So in order to make my absence as painless as possible I am doing a few things to help me live vicariously through conferees.  I am also hoping to be one that wins one of the awesome swagbags that lucky BlogHer attendees will receive.  So I have to mention that I am receiving a sweepstakes entry in exchange for this blog post.

Here are some things I will be doing to recreate the experience from the West Coast:

  • Following @BlogHerAtHome on Twitter
  • Following @LaurieWrites on Twitter, since she is now my new BFF and will be blogging from the conference
  • Using the BlogHer Conference App for my iPhone (so I can pretend I have to be somewhere in 10 minutes..)
  • Shopping for some new shoes for the conference because it will be kind of like therapy for me.
  • Commiserating Connecting with other bloggers who will also be on #blogherathome
  • Making hot dogs, black and white cookies, cheesecake and deli sandwiches so I feel like I am in New York
  • If you will be joining me from somewhere other than New York, please let me know in the comments.  If you are from SoCal, come by and have a cookie with me!

Southern California office manager who loves to blog about time-saving recipes, entertaining, craft, party ideas and local events. Life is about making the most of your time.

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  1. Blond Duck says:

    And you don’t even have to get on a plane!

  2. haha I love this plan.

  3. ashleyinnc says:

    Love this plan! :) I will totally join you with these activities…especially the cookies! ;)

  4. Can i join in the cookies even if I am at Blogher?? :) This is my first time attending the conference, but feel free to follow along my tweets (@mastermombrain) – I might be totally overwhelmed and forget how to type on my phone, but will do my best :)

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